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  1. I like the playing of Tanev and Edler, but 10 years ago. OEL and Poolman are much better improvement. Thank you BN can make it done.
  2. Overall the moves are not bad. Trust Canucks will be a playoff team this season. The four lines looked very dangerous. D-Group is improved. The back-up Goalie should be better than Holby.
  3. Hope twins could push Canucks to an upper lever. Might be they could solve the Loui issue. Best wishes to Sedins for their new roles.
  4. Very solid goalie Players support each other Players trust each other Over average D-Group Fast forwarders Three score lines
  5. Would like to keep Hughes. He is young, prefer the new coach team will improve his defense. This is a right time for Elder to go. Give opportunities to OJ, Rock. 9thOA is important for our future, please keep it. Trust Benning 's draft picks.
  6. Hall is a good player, addition to Canucks will be excellent. For the cap., leave it to BN to solve it.
  7. I have the same idea for 6X6. Agreed to put Edler's money to hime. Also, compared with Huges(Assumed Bennings offer 5.5M - 6M), 6 M is reasonable.
  8. Any one could tell me what are the roles of Sedins in the future Canucks organization?
  9. I love OJ a lot and I think Canucks will pick a good prospect with 9OA. However, the proposal is closely values for both side. The main issue is - who will be available at the 15OA.
  10. Too risky! I would like to keep 9thOA and Schmidt.
  11. Thank you very much for the hard working of Goalie13. You made us more interesting watching the games.
  12. Some fans cried Canucks win the meaningless game, that makes the team dropping in the lottery. I cheer for the team win, cheer for the players' effort. Cheers for Demko, Hamonic, Hoglander, Boeser, Myers, Bo and more. Not a problem of a said meaningless win, if we have lucky in the lottery. Even we drops in the draft position, Benning is great to draft very good players with 1st OA. For examples, Pety, Hughes, Boeser, Hog.
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