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  1. If Jade signs at 3M, and Gaudette at 2.4M, total will be 5.4M Benning might consider to trade / waive them, and sign one free agent about $4M and bring up one young prospect.
  2. Depends, if there are too many players need to be protected, he will not be protected. If there are not too many players need to be protected, he will be protected. It is too early to discuss at this moment.
  3. He can play wing, centre and PK. Would like to keep him unless he has major injury, then put him in the LTIR. The save of cap in not big. If we really need cap to do the next signing, we should think about how to solve Loui's contract.
  4. I love the Vegas GM, how come he can move such a good dman to Canucks in the same division? Also there is the return of only the 3rd round pick of two years later. I guess Benning has made some magic.
  5. Congrat to Tanev got the contract of 4 x 4.5M I guess Canucks don't wish to sign 4 years term with Tanev. Now, there is interesting to see what Benning will do to-morrow. Hope Flames will made a trade with Canucks to get Loui, exchange some high pay player(s), due to cap issue.
  6. Good arrangement. He is the similar age with Marky, but cheaper and shorter contract. Canucks can protect Demko is the expansion draft, and Seattle might not pick him.
  7. Nice signing, Nice price. Really like this big boy.
  8. First few years is in the stage of rebuilding. Now and few years coming will be: Canucks will go, I personally target the cup. If we could go to the target, he is GREAT.
  9. Thank you very much for your hard working. There's fun. For your questions: I prefer to rotate the bonus questions. Increasing the points as the season moving along, provides opportunity to the behind participants to make-up. Sometimes 50/50 questions are fine, especially for the behind participants. For me, prizes are not too important. In addition, I suggest to add how many wins or points of Canucks for a road trip, or home games.
  10. I would try him, due to his size, experience, and might be not too expensive. Agreed to pay bonus if he can play over a number of games.