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  1. I like this player. If the value is reasonable, there will be a good extension.
  2. Agreed to keep Myers, he has size, grits, eating lot of playing time, and helping the teammates to reduce pressure. Don't trade him unless we get a high return.
  3. After a long time rest, there is the time for Canucks showing their energy. Beat Flames! GCG!
  4. Sure Canucks is rebuilding. What is the point of completed rebuilding? Win a Stanley cup? or might be two / three cups? In my mind, rebuilding is never ended. A player is young now, but will be old years later and need to find a replacement. All the teams in NHL are our trading partners, if they have pieces Canucks need.
  5. Wow! Great Win! This is the 4th winning streak! Won 8 of last 10 games, how hot the team! Good defensive game of Canucks! JT once again got the OT score! Demko continues his hot hand! Will Green play him to-morrow? Virtanen should control himself to prevent the unnecessary penalty which made the result difference. Although he made my prediction prefect, I dislike this kind of penalty.
  6. No 3 sons today(Pettersson, Pearson, Eriksson) but we still can win. GCG!
  7. Canucks have not played really good, but win is win, 2 points is 2 points. Canucks won 6 of last 7 games, good trend. Congrat to Gaudette, got his first SO goal. Now Canucks is back to the race of playoff. GO CANUCKS GO.
  8. Good pick-up Low risk Hoping he will bring some lucks to Canucks to-night.
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