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  1. Forgive my ignorance but can someone confirm tonight's game is part of Scotia Wednesday night hockey? When you live in Alberta that's about the only time you can watch on TV except for Saturday's or playing an Alberta team. Thanks!
  2. Heavy hog needs to hit the damn net and Demko/Holtby need to make a save to help the team.
  3. Jake is 5th on the team with hits. Not saying he can't do more, I'd love to see him wreck guys every shift but saying he doesn't hit is not accurate. Jake is also a +1 compared to gauds being -5 with as many points, so I am in favour of Jake slotting in tonight for gauds.
  4. I can't see Kelowna ever having a team. The older community here would lose their minds over the tax increase that building would bring, also the rockets have a hard time selling at out 24$ a game and 5500 seats.. but I hope you're right! Nhl in my backyard would be sweet.
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