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  1. Forgive my ignorance but can someone confirm tonight's game is part of Scotia Wednesday night hockey? When you live in Alberta that's about the only time you can watch on TV except for Saturday's or playing an Alberta team. Thanks!
  2. Heavy hog needs to hit the damn net and Demko/Holtby need to make a save to help the team.
  3. Jake is 5th on the team with hits. Not saying he can't do more, I'd love to see him wreck guys every shift but saying he doesn't hit is not accurate. Jake is also a +1 compared to gauds being -5 with as many points, so I am in favour of Jake slotting in tonight for gauds.
  4. When did this occur? Recently?
  5. You guys are good. I just read that article on castanet and came here to provide an update, but you guys are all over it! Excited for kole to start his professional career and get some playoff games in, get a real good idea of what he needs to work on this summer.
  6. Rockets have been swept by tri city. Lind had a couple assists, not sure what that puts him at in the 4 games, but a solid performance on his part. Hopefully we can get him in Utica for the remainder of the year! Not sure how that works with contracts and all that?
  7. I can't see Kelowna ever having a team. The older community here would lose their minds over the tax increase that building would bring, also the rockets have a hard time selling at out 24$ a game and 5500 seats.. but I hope you're right! Nhl in my backyard would be sweet.
  8. Byram was good, largely unnoticed which for a dman is usually a good sign, when I did notice him it was because of a strong play, he took a penalty or two, but smooth skater, good passes, no glaring mistakes. Lind was pretty meh tonight, tried to be way too cute quite a few times, I think both his assists were secondary, still makes great passes and has great vision, slows the game down very well. Dube was trying to do everything himself, and while he has great hands and is a good skater, doesn't seem to see the ice like Lind does. The one player that really stood out was kaeden korczak, again
  9. Going to the game tonight, I'll post my thoughts once again, anyone on the Giants to watch?
  10. I'm not smart enough to input the video, but so far tonight Lind has a goal on a breakaway snipe top corner on Carter Hart.
  11. Anyone have any insight into why we haven't signed Lind? With that tweet dhaliwal put out quoting Johnson saying he's a priority, you gotta think it's on their list, but is it weird he hasn't signed yet? When does he have to sign by? Sorry I don't know the rules that well on signing draft picks.
  12. Me too, I like to see guys playing with passion. I feel like the nucks miss that a lot of nights, it gives such a lift to your team. I'm excited for the future. I think we have some gamers in bo, kole, Adam, Jonah, I think Jake has taken huge strides this year. Not sure obviously if kole Adam or Jonah ever make it to the league, but im excited nonetheless.
  13. It was funny because just a little bit before that there was a scrum after the whistle and they broke it up right away, the wife says to me, "why don't they let them fight anymore?" I said fighting was never a major part of junior hockey but once in awhile they still get Into it, then sure enough a good ol scrum with the rockets goalie throwing blockers at guys happens. I like the fiestyness, I never want to see anyone get hurt and I hate the fight after a good clean hit that happens nowadays, but I still like to see some passion and aggression. In response to @Warhippy sorry im bad at
  14. So I missed the first period, but Lind picked up a couple assists. All In all a pretty solid game, easily could have had two more assists, he pulled off the pass from behind the net against the flow of the play a few times, he also had a strong deke to the backhand and great patience but Ferguson made a great save. He did completely miss his defensive assignment on Kamloops 4th goal, guy snuck in from the point and was all alone as Lind was just standing there near the blue line, not his best work. Played with an edge and gets absolutely fired up when his team scores, love to see his fiery nat
  15. I will be attending the game tonight as I sweet talked my boss into giving me our tickets. Excited to get another look at Lind. I'll try and post a couple thoughts again after the game.
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