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  1. Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance Took me a while to finally get to it but I thought this movie was great! Some of the first things that come to mind when thinking back about the movie include: the way it was astoundingly and uniquely made to look like a single shot, its commentary on some aspects of movie society today such as the prominence of big budget actions versus"pure acting" (i.e. Broadway) and critic bias, and especially how much Michael Keaton's character resembles his own career (Batman/Birdman --> Decline), although he coincidentally does end up becoming a Bird-Man. 9.5/10
  2. Spielberg (Documentary Film) It is a very insightful 2.5 hour documentary that tells the story of one of the most influential directors of all time. You learn so much more about what happens behind the scenes of some of biggest movies in cinema and how they came to fruition even when faced with complications. There are also several short interviews that give you perspective into who the man is by many of the actors that have worked with him, and also other directors including George Lucas, Scorsese, and Liam Neeson to name a few. The thing about the film that struck me the most was just how much his own personal life has influenced and used as an emotional drive for number of his classic movies.
  3. Hot Fuzz Funny, witty, action-packed, cameos, suspense, and utter ridiculousness. This is a go to movie for me that I can watch at any time when I just want to be entertained and have a good laugh. 9/10
  4. The Stand Miniseries Just finished the book and wanted to watch the characters I've spent so much time with on the screen. I thought that it was solid and stayed fairly true to the book, however it felt a little disoriented and some of the time jumps did not seem to be the very fluid. The show itself feels quite dated, though it was made in 1994 when tv shows were nowhere near the huge productions they are today that rival movies. Gary Sinise made a very good Stu Redman, I very much enjoyed his performance.
  5. Just saw Dunkirk at the Omnimax (large dome screen) theatre in Science World. Its not my first time watching it, but I enjoyed it more this time than my before. Maybe because I know what to expect going into the movie this time. Rather than provide an emotional journey where you slowly learn the traits and personalities of each individual, which I find is the norm for war movies. Dunkirk just lays it all out there, showing the audience a spectacle and simplifying the movie into a thrilling and anxiety-inducing, determined fight for survival. As for the theatre itself, it was a unique experience as the screen really takes up most of your visual space, allowing you to become immersed into the world of the film. Which is why I think Dunkirk is a good film for this type of viewing experience as you feel like you are right there with the characters. 9/10
  6. Hero starring Jet Woo Li If it any point during the movie I pressed the pause button, the picture left on the screen would fit in an art portfolio as the entire movie was shot and set beautifully with significant purpose. Also, the way the complex plot of the movie was told was unique in its non-linear style and unreliable narration and twists. In addition to the articulate martial arts fight scenes of the genre (and an appearance from Donnie Yen of Ip Man and Rogue One fame), the way the movie was presented visually and sequentially, along with its underlying messages about life and death and sacrifice makes it feel like you're watching a 90 minute poem. 8.5/10
  7. I just saw the movie Moon (2009) by Duncan Jones last night after having it recommended by some friends and being intrigued by its general acclaim from critics. The settings do not change much throughout the film, but the environments that are displayed look great, especially for a relatively low budget film! Sam Rockwell did a great job portraying the differences in the personality of his "character" at the same time. Additionally, despite the negativity surrounding Kevin Spacey he is a very good actor and the voice he provided to the robot GERTY stole every scene he was in for me. Although it looked great and the acting performances were good, I honestly found the movie to be quite boring. It took a long time for the plot to get going as it felt like we were watching a guy go go through his monotonous work routine, except its on the Moon rather than on Earth. I was also waiting for something big to blow my mind during the entire movie (e.g. Arrival or Interstellar), but it ended before that happened. Instead, what you see is what you get, and you are supposed to empathise with the guy and think about how he feels, but I guess i might just be cold-blooded. I think if you like a nice looking set with good acting, and enjoy doing a character study, then this might be good for you! 6.5/10
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