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  1. Total cases means nothing.. The US has tested over 8.5 million people, most countries are under 2million tested and only Russia is at 5 million which is still waay short of the states. So no chit the US is going to have the most cases Deaths per million is the stat that actually matters
  2. Deaths per million: USA: 240 Spain: 566 ItalY: 503 UK: 465 France: 403 Belgium: 740 Netherlands: 316 Sweden: 319 Ireland: 293 Yet somehow all this thread can go on about is how trump is the worst and responsible for everything bad in the world. Genocidal murderer! Orangeman evil!
  3. If you're bored, have a watch before the video gets taken down again. Regardless of what you think of Judy Mikovits, Fauci's connection to Wuhan and this whole thing is a bit sketch.
  4. https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-epidemiologist-behind-doomsday-model-resigns-after-breaking-lockdown-to-meet-married-lover-ferguson-responds
  5. So is globalnews racist now??
  6. Funny no one on the left seems to mention these points when discussing health care systems.
  7. I was simply stating an observation that I've come across consistently when coming across people such as yourself that swallow up every bit of bs that the media or the government tells you without question. Similarly to how you believe the bs coming out of China and try to use their numbers/reports as facts when anyone with half a brain realizes its complete and utter bs. You sound a lot like the folks that had difficulty passing an English proficiency exam, but maybe it's just the fever getting to you. Hope you make a full recovery.
  8. CNN is worse than MSNBC imo. The ultimate propaganda machine of the left. MSNBC at least admits it has a left leaning bias, whereas CNN tries to portray itself as neutral when it is clearly not. "Professional credentials" don't excuse ANYONE from scrutiny. The mainstream media has been hiding behind those "credentials" to push lies for decades... It's only new age media that has finally exposed them for the criminals that they are. The problem with a lot of Canadians (those born here specifically) is that the majority has never lived under real tyranny or extreme corruption. We get scandals from both the Conservatives and the Liberals here in Canada, but the corruption here pales in comparison to what goes on outside this beautiful country. I find that so many Canadians truly BELIEVE that the government is always on the peoples side and they can't even fathom power being truly abused. It's why so many Canadian's blindly believe everything that's told to them by the mainstream media and don't even question it for a second... they can't even imagine a world in which a corrupt government/party/corporation or other powerful actors could use said media to spread their propaganda to brainwash the masses... or if they can imagine it, they might think it's only something that happened in Hitler's Germany, failing to realize that the use of propaganda never stopped. It's just much easier to uncover than ever before if you take the time to research and think critically.
  9. the insanity in this thread continues to hit new peaks. I do agree tho. Everything coming from CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and the likes is definitely propaganda and Trump should know better than to play even a second of their garbage.
  10. Pretty sure posting any negative about China is racist. Don't be a bigot. Anything Beijing authorities did were clearly at the direction of orange drumpf! Amidoingitrite?
  11. It only became racist because orange man said it and orange man is bad.
  12. For once I can agree with you on something