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  1. Seeing as we can't score a goal, lets try to score a Luke Hughes.
  2. Realistically Nashville: Forsberg Ekholm 1st 2nd Van: Hughes Virtanen 3rd
  3. The canucks have 3 calder finalists in the last 3 years, including Boeser. And chances are the hog will make it 4 straight years with a finalist.
  4. Benning let too many players walk at free agency. He should have traded Virtanen and Stecher at the draft for a early second rounder or late first rounder and resigned Toffoli. We probably wouldn't have been able to trade for Schmidt, but then we would have about 4 million to sign a FA defenceman and we would have kept our 3rd round pick. Now, we need a player back for Virtanen, and that is going to be tough to do.
  5. Cool. Brandt Clarke (OHL) would look pretty good beside Hughes, I'm thinking.
  6. Virt and Gaudette for Toffoli? Wait - we turned that down just a few months ago.
  7. If masks worked so well, we wouldn't be having record cases day after day. People touch their faces about 50 times more while wearing a mask. I'm pro thinking critically.
  8. Well, since we are being picky, 40th is closer to mid round than early round.
  9. How this guy made it to the end of the second round in the draft is beyond me. Even last year he looked like a late first. Not complaining though. LOL