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  1. Besides the accusations, Jake was by far one of the most frustrating players to ever dawn the Orca. Had all the tools to be a effective power forward that was built for the playoffs, but his laziness, entitlement and unprofessionalism on and off the ice completely sunk his career here. We gave him every opportunity to succeed and yet he did jack squat with these opportunities. Not sorry to see him go.
  2. We gave Jake every opportunity to prove himself and we were very patient with his development. But it seems his poor choices and lack of work ethic are just not going away. At some point the onus has to go to on the player to make the effort to improve and show their commitment. I’d say it’s time to move on. A change of scenery will be good for him, and maybe a buyout will be the wake up call he needs to get his &$*# together.
  3. Have to think Jim knew how the cards were going to fall today, so that’s likely why he felt okay trading the pick away. Seeing how things turned out today, I’d say he made the right call. We got rid of a lot of dead weight and scored a good player in Garland, and a proven D Man in Ekman-Larsson. Me like.
  4. Congrats to the Lightning. They certainly deserved it. Habs had a great run, but alas it wasn’t meant be
  5. We shut McDavid down yesterday, but we failed to today. Special teams completely lost us the game. PP = no goals. PK = allowed 2 goals Meh, not too concerned. Make some adjustments and move on.
  6. Yep. Their success is entirely dependent upon McDavid and Draisaitl. You can’t expect to go anywhere unless you have a great support system all around. Look at the Penguins for example. Sid was the best player in the league for a while, but he had a plethora of great players around him from Geno, Letang, Fleury, Orpik, Kessel etc and they won multiple cups. Same with Chicago.
  7. So many times does Nurse dive this game? Will McJesus finally demand a trade from that dumpster fire of an organization? Will Drysaddle follow suit? The Oilers really are a bunch of privileged yahoos. F them up good boys!
  8. ThE CaNuCkS wIlL tAkE a StEp BaCk ThIs YeAr Surrrreeeee you media blokes are a real circus
  9. Tuning in late gang, had a bunch of errands to do (my hair desperately needed to be cut, lol) and I just caught the end of the period and saw Bo’s goal! How’s everyone looked so far?
  10. Gotta say, that’s a dang good looking lineup. And agreed, the D-core is much improved compared to last year, with no disrespect to Tanny or Stech. Im especially excited to see Hoglander and Juolevi play their rookie seasons.
  11. Unfortunate how it ended, but health and family always come first. Congrats on a wonderful career, Jay Bou. And we Especially appreciate those years you represented Canada on the international stage. Enjoy retirement.
  12. Just chiming in, saw all the highlights and tidbits (thanks y’all for posting them btw ) and I gotta say, Hoggy is looking fantastic for an opening night roster spot. Guy is skilled as well and works his tail off. Also, Olli is looking good to finally play in the NHL, although Its probably best to keep him on the bottom pairing to get him some experience. I cannot wait to prove to all these Laff blower media clowns that we just may be the one to beat EDIT: oh regarding and Gaudette’s Candida issue... I’ve unfortunately had it before, and it’s no joke. Your mind wants to
  13. Bummer. They didn’t start great, but then they dominated the 2nd half. We got absolutely zero bounces or luck. Hockey gods weren’t on our side tonight. Oh well.
  14. Man, boys are folding under the pressure. All we need is one goal to turn the momentum. Come on boys!!
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