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  1. So excited to see all the fans back at Rogers! Let’s goooooo! Whilst I wait, I’m casually watching the Canes/Leafs game. Simpson is such a homer. Ugh. Edit: haha the Laffs choked away the lead, now losing
  2. I’m with ya. It’s precisely why I’ve had to take extended breaks from CDC. There is so much toxicity and constant negativity and the sky is falling attitudes that I say to myself, it’s not worth my time or energy.
  3. Feels good to spoil the Kraken’s home opener. Demko absolutely stole that game. And sometimes that happens. You don’t play your best but your goaltender bails you out. (Sound familiar? *cough* Montreal *cough) Bo knows Garland is already a fan favourite. Can you believe we got him for Loui, Rous and Beagle?? Welcome back to Vancouver team. Rogers will finally have fans again!
  4. Lol, I’m surprised Tanny isn’t gone yet. (Jk I love the guy) Already seen Nurse flop at least twice
  5. At least the battle of Alberta is entertaining if anyone is watching. Lol, it’s already becoming a gong show
  6. We were robbed. Greiss was completely out his crease; that goal should’ve counted!
  7. Well, it could be worse. We could be like the Hawks right now. 4-0 Penguins after 1 period
  8. I’d like to play with the lead for once… in terms of scoring the first goal
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