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  1. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! 

    I will be attending Slovakia vs U.S. in 2 hours here in Victoria. I will be rooting for our boy Quinn. I will give my 2 cents on his performance as well. 

    1. TNucks1


      hope you had a good one too, my bro and nephew were at the game too, my dads one of the medical doctors for the teams, not sure for which team but, gets too watch every game in victoria at least which is pretty rad.

    2. BlueDragon23


      Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Was a close game. Crowd was great.  It’s so cool Victoria gets to co-host the World Juniors!!

    3. TNucks1


      yeah, its awesome, might be able too get into one of the games through my dad, maybe the quarter finals, hopefully canada is in it.

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