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  1. I need to take a break from CDC. The endless whining and tantrums are driving me bonkers. Catch you all up later

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    2. Grape


      CDC is probably one of the most positive forums out there. I'm part of a few other for a few other teams of other sports I'm a fan of, and honestly CDC is fine.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Grape Nope.  CDC is the more objective forum.  If Benning does a good move, most here will acknowledge it unlike over there.  HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean everything he does is great.  It he makes a mistake, many here will say so.  Reddit is where you’ll find the Bizzaro world version of HF.  They’re so positive, they don’t even think Benning’s farts stink.:P

    4. Grape


      @NewbieCanuckFan I don't think so, HF is more objective which is partially why I like CDC more. While there's some crazy hot overreactions there, any fanbase population (aka forum) that's more negative is pretty much ALWAYS the more objective population. Every fanbase population (aka forum) is going to be positively biased towards their own team. This is because the mean reaction or perception from other teams' fanbase (specifically those with no allegiance who are knowledgeable) will ALWAYS be more more "accurate" and therefore negative than a fanbase population of the team itself, even HF.


      Basically even HF Canucks Forums has on average a more positive take of what a hockey forum with no allegiance would have, and automatically that would make it more objective than CDC. Again that's why I like CDC more, but disagree if you'd like

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