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  1. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Gone way too early :(



      Lord,that's a real shame.

  2. Wow what a choke job by the Habs! :blink:

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Ran out of propane, but didn't want to deal with Alberta.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Seasons are like that.

      Look at the game the Canucks had against the Capitals at home.

      We blew a massive lead.

      Seasons are ebbs and flows. Ups and Downs.

      The key is to have more peaks than valleys. 

  3. I need to take a break from CDC. The endless whining and tantrums are driving me bonkers. Catch you all up later

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    2. Grape


      CDC is probably one of the most positive forums out there. I'm part of a few other for a few other teams of other sports I'm a fan of, and honestly CDC is fine.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Grape Nope.  CDC is the more objective forum.  If Benning does a good move, most here will acknowledge it unlike over there.  HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean everything he does is great.  It he makes a mistake, many here will say so.  Reddit is where you’ll find the Bizzaro world version of HF.  They’re so positive, they don’t even think Benning’s farts stink.:P

    4. Grape


      @NewbieCanuckFan I don't think so, HF is more objective which is partially why I like CDC more. While there's some crazy hot overreactions there, any fanbase population (aka forum) that's more negative is pretty much ALWAYS the more objective population. Every fanbase population (aka forum) is going to be positively biased towards their own team. This is because the mean reaction or perception from other teams' fanbase (specifically those with no allegiance who are knowledgeable) will ALWAYS be more more "accurate" and therefore negative than a fanbase population of the team itself, even HF.


      Basically even HF Canucks Forums has on average a more positive take of what a hockey forum with no allegiance would have, and automatically that would make it more objective than CDC. Again that's why I like CDC more, but disagree if you'd like

  4. Congratulations to the Raptors! We the North!!! We the Champions!!!

  5. Kawhi Leonard with the winning shot with no time left on the clock to send the Raptors to the Eastern final. What a great moment! Let’s go Raptors!

  6. The Swiss-Russia game is crazy... The Swiss missed back to back penalty shots!! The hell!!??

    1. Dazzle


      Saw the game. Really didn't deserve to win at all. There was also the 5 minute major PP which they did jack all on.

  7. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! 

    I will be attending Slovakia vs U.S. in 2 hours here in Victoria. I will be rooting for our boy Quinn. I will give my 2 cents on his performance as well. 

    1. TNucks1


      hope you had a good one too, my bro and nephew were at the game too, my dads one of the medical doctors for the teams, not sure for which team but, gets too watch every game in victoria at least which is pretty rad.

    2. BlueDragon23


      Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Was a close game. Crowd was great.  It’s so cool Victoria gets to co-host the World Juniors!!

    3. TNucks1


      yeah, its awesome, might be able too get into one of the games through my dad, maybe the quarter finals, hopefully canada is in it.

  8. So I guess the NHL is cool with Martel headhunting Stech since they didn’t do $@*% all about it.


    This league is run by effing morons.

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    2. BlueDragon23


      Lightning are league darlings just like Pittsburgh. It’s nauseating 

    3. -DLC-


      The pat on the bum from the ref sort of sealed the deal for me.  Wrong place and time for that show of affection.

    4. DontFearTheReaper


      Their all in cahoots. Canucks winning the stanley cup would be the nhl's worst nightmare the league is doing whatever it takes to ensure it doesnt happen but its going to happen

  9. So in a span of a week, we caused the  Blues to beat each other up in practice, and Flyers coach Dave Hakstol to be fired. 

    Lol, leaving a trail of destruction in our path. 

    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Don't forget about Ken Hitchcock ripping the refs.

    2. DontFearTheReaper


      Next they'll cause steve yzerman to be ejected from rogers arena 

  10. Stevens, Quenneville, Yeo and now McLellan. No coach should feel safe!

    1. Quantum


      Any professional coaching job will end with your firing. It's gotta be one of the most unstable jobs ever. At least they get paid a few million between the time they get hired and fired. Of those 4, I expect Quenneville and McLellan to return to NHL head coaching jobs. Yeo and Stevens -- I don't see them getting another kick at the can.


      That said, there's now a number of high profile ex-NHL head coaches (Tippett, Quenneville, Vigneault) who are looking for jobs. You have to wonder who will end up where. I'd have to think Quenneville or Vigneault may end up in Florida or Seattle. Seattle is definitely intriguing because if you can replicate the success of Vegas, it'll be a nice boost to one's resume.


      But yeah, I think the next coach on the chopping block is Bob Boughner in Florida. Followed by Blashill in Detroit. And then Carlyle in Anaheim.

  11. Kole Lind = 29 points in 18 games

    Elias Pettersson: 17 points in 15 games and 6 points in 7 Champions tournament games 

    Jonathan Dahlen : 13 points in 10 games including 4 game winning goals

    Adam Gaudette: 15 points in 9 games


    That is something to be happy about after a rough week in Canuck land. ::D

    1. 48MPHSlapShot


      The future is bright.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      2/3 rds of our future # 1 and # 3 lines. add in virtanen and gadjovich and the bo's line snuggled in between them.  add our checking line and walla, the future forward core. i love the sutter, granlund and dorsett line. 

      future defense is still a work in progress. 

  12. Dorion is setting the Senators up for disaster.... :unsure:

    1. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Sens are win now mode. They got a legit #1 centre. This improves their awful FO% and PP. Had to happen. Was reported Turris wasn't going to re-sign, and Sens got rid of a dead contract and space in Hammond.


      Sens didn't give up any of their best prospects (White, Brown, Chlapik, Chabot). They will be fine.


      Overpayment, but not a horrible trade.

    2. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      If by disaster you mean winning the cup then that is exactly what he's doing.

    3. Alflives


      I totally agree, but at least he only gave up B level prospects.  I don't like the first rounder though.  (Even though it's lottery protected.)  I think Turris wasn't going to resign, so getting Duchene was a good move for replacing Turris, but the cost was very high.  

      The larger question is whether Duchene was actually up upgrade over Turris?  Sure Duchene will likely put up more points, but Turris is the far better 200 foot player.  They are kind of a wash in my view.

  13. Glad to see Canucks hockey is back to being the way it should be played. 

    1. Rubik


      The Canucks way for me is the 2009-12 era. We're not exactly there yet, but the effort is promising.

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