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  1. We gave Jake every opportunity to prove himself and we were very patient with his development. But it seems his poor choices and lack of work ethic are just not going away. At some point the onus has to go to on the player to make the effort to improve and show their commitment. I’d say it’s time to move on. A change of scenery will be good for him, and maybe a buyout will be the wake up call he needs to get his &$*# together. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    One thing to consider is OEL as a mentor to Petey.


    I know Swedes don’t only bond with other Swedes but we saw the bond Petey had with Marky.


    OEL can now be that older mentor to Petey. He was the captain in Arizona for a reason.

    This. Plus I believe he’s close with the Sedins as well. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

    This is the difference between building a team, and just high draft picks. You can have all the skill you want, but if your team can't work together. Or you have massive flaws like a lack of high end goaltending or defence. It's all for nothing. 

    Yep. Their success is entirely dependent upon McDavid and Draisaitl. You can’t expect to go anywhere unless you have a great support system all around. Look at the Penguins for example. Sid was the best player in the league for a while, but he had a plethora of great players around him from Geno, Letang, Fleury, Orpik, Kessel etc and they won multiple cups. Same with Chicago. 

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  4. Just chiming in, saw all the highlights and tidbits (thanks y’all for posting them btw :)) and I gotta say, Hoggy is looking fantastic for an opening night roster spot. Guy is skilled as well and works his tail off. 
    Also, Olli is looking good to finally play in the NHL, although Its probably best to keep him on the bottom pairing to get him some experience.

    I cannot wait to prove to all these Laff blower media clowns that we just may be the one to beat ;)


    EDIT: oh regarding and Gaudette’s Candida issue... I’ve unfortunately had it before, and it’s no joke. Your mind wants to eat and you have the hunger sensation in your body but your stomach just feels icky and nauseous after on a few bites. My nature path  doctor caught it for me, which medical doctors don’t usually test for. Glad he’s rid of it!

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  5. 6 hours ago, WeneedLumme said:

    Wow, I thought all the "hate Jake" and "hate JB" threads brought out the worst of CDC. But this thread has some truly disgusting people showing their colours. 


    "D'uh, everyone's entitled to their own viewpoint, and it only makes sense to let the old and the weak die, I'm young and healthy, not my problem."

    Seriously. Makes me wonder who raised these ignorant, selfish bigots. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Tystick said:

    The reality is these measures may have some effect, but ultimately over time around others, that protection will diminish to nothing.


    If you are around someone who has COVID-19, six feet distance will not protect you, groups of six people will not protect you, and a mask that only filters a certain percentage of COVID-19 will not protect you. We're also not accounting for human error. The reality is all the people who are lecturing the "anti-maskers", don't wear masks 100% of the time, you break distancing, and your around different people all day. If you wear a cloth mask, which is what most people are buying because they have cool styles and stuff, it's as effective as not wearing a mask. Studies have proven them to be ineffective against the flu, and a flu virus is slightly bigger than COVID-19


    There are more cases now because testing is more frequent than earlier this year. We've actually tested 20% of BC. Not to mention the false positive rates are disturbingly high. Most of the time, the deaths always include some other serious illnesses (including the flu + pneumonia). Also how many people had the virus but never got tested for it? Unfortunately the stats are not reliable.


    The odds of any of us catching the virus are extremely low.

    If any of us caught the virus, the odds of survival are extremely high.

    When you're gambling, do you play your hand with the best odds or go all-in with the low odds? Because right now we're all-in on assuming we're all risking death, and it's stupid.


    Wear a mask if you want, but the argument and protest is that they should not be mandatory for everyone because like it or not, people think differently than and make different choices than you do. You or the anti-masker have different worldviews and you could learn from each other.


    All in all, I'm not mad at anyone. I'm not buying into the fear hysteria. I just want us all to start understanding each other. We're not on teams. We're Canadians.
    There should be a way we can do this where our rights aren't infringed upon and all voices are heard, etc.

    And you’re qualified to lecture others on COVID-19 and the benefits wearing a mask vs not wearing a mask? Sorry but I’m trusting health professionals over some smartass who thinks they have all the answers. 

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