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  1. Morning y’all.


    I have a good feeling about Game 7. Momentum is on our side. All the pressure is on Vegas because of Last year’s collapse, being the #1 seed, thinking this series would be a cake walk etc. 

    The boys have exceeded all expectations and impressed all the NHL. No matter what happens tonight, they have given everything they have. I couldn’t be more proud of this team. 

    We have come a long way since the Chaput, Megna and Willie D days. Ugh. We needed this so badly!


    Give em hell tonight boys. I’m proud no matter what happens!!:towel:

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Kevin Biestra said:


    If you want to support BLM then by all means you are free to do so.


    If someone else is against racism and wants to take a stand and thinks BLM is not the right vehicle or avenue, then they are free to do so.  But I think you will find that not supporting BLM is more correlated with looking into the organization than with ignorance about it.


    I am against racism, far more against racism than I am worried about making sure everyone on social media knows I am against racism.  And I would be very, very surprised if a tiny fraction of the posters on here have done the things I've done or taken the risks I've taken to combat it when facing situations involving serious dangers and harm, not microaggressions on Twitter.  And I DO NOT support Black Lives Matter, because I have looked into the organization, its platform, its financing and its tactics, and I strongly believe that it is not the vehicle for fighting racism in 2020.  Not even close.


    And a dangerous situation has been created when people get shouted down or mobbed or swarmed or shamed if they don't automatically support BLM, because now we can't even have honest or intelligent conversations about whether it is the best way to fight racism or not.


    There are many people that don't support the BLM organization and platform for valid reasons.  There are literally millions - MILLIONS - of black Americans that do not support BLM.  And it is not out of ignorance.  And they believe that black lives have value and are important.


    Before you levy the accusation of ignorance at anyone that doesn't support the BLM organization, I hope that you have honestly ensured that you have looked into the matter sufficiently yourself.

    If you or anyone else does not want To support BLM that’s fine. I hold no judgment.

    But I stand by my stance on the mentioned ignorance. Some comments do come across that way to me, but I’m not going to single people out. My main point I was getting at was that people should not complain about A playoff game getting postponed about taking a stance on a social issue. There are much bigger things than hockey right now. 

    I will say no more on this. All the best. 

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