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  1. I watched those highlights above, and wow... this kid can skate. He’s the missing PP quarterback that we’ve desperately needed since Ehrhoff in his prime. With EP40’s hockey IQ, Boeser’s shot and him leading the rush.... 


    Damn. That’s sexy. 

  2. 22 hours ago, ohmy said:

    Yeah I agree. Kids got a good head on his shoulders and has the right mindset. Some people have been saying that hes entitled and hates being in Utica so I hope this puts that ridiculous narrative to bed. Hes gonna be a good player for us sooner or later.

    Who makes up this nonsense?? Every interview or article I’ve heard or seen on him, he’s had a positive outlook and is working hard to improve every game. He admits he’s not ready to play in the NHL and is improving in all areas. It’s not easy to transition to pro over in NA compared to Europe. I imagine it hasn’t been easy for him, but he’s taking it in stride.

    Thinking the media is probably to blame for those stupid rumours 

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  3. Unbelievable. 2017 draft has to arguably be the best draft I have ever seen by the Canucks in their entire history. Of course it is still early, but all of our prospects have been lights out so far. Now the biggest weakness we have is defence, and the upcoming 2018 draft is loaded with them. 


    Bright days ahead! ::D

  4. Really have to give Benning credit. He absolutely made the right choice by selecting Pettersson. His skill and awareness are off the charts. At 18 he's already carrying the entire offence of a men's league. Just imagine what he will do for us when he's NHL ready... :wub:

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