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  1. Over 33 million tied up to 3 overrated players who can’t carry this alone.


    Traded away their only player who played physical despite being a punk (Kadri) for a pylon D- Barrie. 

    Overpaid Willy Nilly by a big margin and are now tied to his contract for years. 

    No cap room to fill the Swiss cheese defence


    Lost to a zamboni driver earlier this year. 





    Oh, but apparently Dubas is a genius, in case you haven’t heard.

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  2. I started disregarding his nonsense a long time ago.

    Back in university, I used to listen to the Team 1040 all the time on my way to and from my night classes and it was great. Then somewhere along the line, it became a $@*% show of bashing the Canucks and even ventured into talking about the Leafs on occasion. I have never listened to it since.

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