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  1. the past several years have had a 1-2 week courting period before FA date. You were allowed to negotiate and inquire during that time. That's when the Myers news really picked up last year.
  2. What about Roussel and Baertschi for MAF with retention to match cap hits? frees up Marky's $ for TT. Let Tanev, stecher walk, trade Jake for picks and spend $ on Pietrangelo?
  3. Crazy thought that doesn't deserve it's own thread. -- Let marky walk (Sad, would like to keep him) -- Trade: Sutter and Rousell to Vegas for Marc-A-F or: Sutter and Jake to Vegas for Marc-A-F. Reasons: -- Fleury has 7 million left for the next two years, but he doesn't have to be expansion draft protected, gives Demko another year of development. -- Marky is going to get 5.5+/year, -- Sutter is 4.3 for one more year --Roussel is 3x2 -- Jake will get 2+ Reasons for us: That is 7 million coming in for a goalie that is good and could split starts with Demko and be exposed during expansion -- We have 11-13 million leaving including the Marky savings (Sutter - Jake - Marky = 11-12 while Sutter-roussel- Marky = 13 out) -- Resign Toffoli, resign Levo Reasons for Vegas: -- they fix their back-stabbed goalie issue, replacing a 2 year bad contract (MAF) with a 1 year bad contract (Sutter) -- Its a wash cap wise for them.
  4. I suspect with the win they will give TT more time to heal. Bringing him back at 80% for game 6 or waiting and getting him at 85-90% for game 7 (if needed) sounds better to me.
  5. I think these playoffs will help JB make some choices. Some things I'm leaning towards: 1) Don't re-sign TT. -- we are doing fine without him, I think it just complicates things cap wise if you try. 2) Ferland -- LTIR so cap hit is min. 3) Marky should be re-signed -- which makes Demko tradable -- don't want to lose him, but I think he has a lot of value and if we have Mark for the next 4-5 years we should use that asset. 4) I think I would pick Levo over Jake -- Jake has more upside, but I see Levo as a more consistent and versatile player who can play 'playoff' hockey. Good bottom six who can play up. Think Levo would be cheaper too. 5) I think we can move Benn and Fantenberg -- allowing us to bring up OJ and Rafferty. 6) I would not sign Tanev to more than two years -- like an Edler deal. -- more and we have to let him walk. So: resign: Marky, Stetcher, Levo, maybe Tanev. Trade: Jake, Benn, Demoko Let walk: TT, Fantenberg JT Miller -- EP - BB TP - BJH - JL AR - AG - BS TM - JB - ZM Extras -- LE, Ferland, __________ AE - TS QH - CT OJ - TM Rafferty JM in Goal
  6. I think Benn will be in if Myer is out. Want his grit based on this game.
  7. Calling Bo's next breakaway -- fake the inside outside - defense bites but he cuts inside and scores blocker side.
  8. I didn't watch the video, and I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I can see the league desperate for the Oils not to lose this series and then win the draft lottery. If the league is simply calling it as it is, then great -- just hope they protect our players too.
  9. Great video, got me wondering. Is the team more expressive after goals than in the past decade? Not knocking them, but were things more subdued under Linden/Nassy/Sedins? Curious.
  10. Going to be interesting games, all teams are going to want to get the intensity up, yet will really want to avoid injuries (to their team). Odd line to want to ride for one exhibition game. 'Play as safely intense as you can, or intensely safe?"
  11. If this is true, and this is cleared up and he is actually good to go, Canuck's chances jump considerably. We are going to be hard to play against.
  12. Yay, team has really started to struggle this year compared to last year before he was Captain.
  13. Why would you want Pearson gone? Kills penalties, works with Bo, should finish with 20-25 goals and 50 points, can play up and down the line up. Forechecks well. Decent contract.