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  1. Actually, I wonder if that indicates that Toronto doesn't think it has enough prospects to make for a competitive camp.
  2. Half the time PTOs is a favor to players and acts like a tryout for other teams to see them too. Most don't sign with the team offering it.
  3. honestly, PQ was before I started following the Canucks. I started following them around 2001, so my personal votes are usually slanted into the recent. That said, I wasn't trying to compare the quality of rosters, but of wondering the relationship between star coaches and star players with AV as a great example within the context of this poll.
  4. One thing about AV is the accent of the twins during his term. How much of his success is based on them, or how much of their rise is based on how he deployed them, got them the match-up and helped them become really dominate players? This is not trying to take away the recognition of either the twins or AV. Easier to be a great coach when you have great players. Easier to be a great player when your coach sets you up to succeed.
  5. You should edit the title. I expect they will be signed before the END of the season. Maybe make the poll about before the season. Or by the end of summer.
  6. I went with Chris Chelios. Could still handle 20-25 minutes a night in his 40s. Better than .5 ppg and a lot of PIM. Could save on personal trainers as they could just make everyone do what he did for workouts.
  7. please don't ruin this thread by trying to post something sensible.
  8. Lidstrom -- because of the role. One forward can only do so much, a D can do more.
  9. I think the issue with the cupboard is that everyone seems to agree with the list, with some changes in order. Who is number 11-15 on our list that the author missed? His evaluation seems fair, but the fact that people aren't complaining about certain players being left out is an indication of a limited cupboard. The article says its due to Benning building for now, they are just suggesting that he makes sure he builds for the future too.
  10. If we can come in with 1-2 million under the cap then save it for the trade deadline so we can get a 2-4 million dollar rental player. (assuming we are in a buying spot) -- Unless the LTIR rules mess that up with Ferland. I don't pretend to understand LTIR cap relief enough to claim to know.
  11. Very close to mine. I agree with the names, but I think the lines will be a little different Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Hog - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickson - Pdkolzin -- Dickson is defensive and won't be matched with a rookie and 2nd year player only. Motte - sutter - Highmore OEL - Meyer (22-23 minutes) Hughes - Hamonic (20-22 minutes) Juolevi - Poolman (15-18 minutes) Hunt (sleeper to crack to 6) -- Schenn
  12. personally got 2nd shot in early June for context It does seem that the threshold for herd immunity is changing. We are hitting all the targets that CDC, Dr Henry and others said would be enough when the vaccines first started rolling out, but now the government is stating we need to achieve higher vaccination rates. Basically insisting on 100%. I think asking for clarification on why the targets are changing is fair. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are in danger of creating two-tier citizenship in terms of freedoms and that will create a lasting divide.
  13. I think that is certainly our most questionable deal today. Which is actually good, as it isn't in the top 5 of Benning's worse FA signings.
  14. today is turning out horrible in terms of my productivity. I'm spending the whole morning hitting refresh and I am still missing signings from JB.
  15. Hate to see him go, but glad we didn't sign that contract. oops, put this when the report was 2 years. Better deal for LA with it being a 1 year deal.
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