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  1. Only Phoenix with their budget constraints would make the trade we were gifted.
  2. After missing pre-season , which usually means a slow start, I thought Petey should be on the wing until he gets going.
  3. puzzled by putting Miller on the pk with all the specialists added in the off season
  4. Tough guy specialists are almost gone from the league. PP guys like Chaisson or pk specialists take that spot now.
  5. good bloodlines with his Olympian sister, I wish the Canucks could have acquired him when he went ufa. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=117317
  6. You would think making a seven figure salary would help someone get over any office politics.
  7. I thought Bettman was frozen in carbonite never to be heard again...what happened?
  8. Lammiko has been really good on the pk and his fitness is way better... depth D in the 5-8 spot are easy pickups. If Juulsen regains form and health then this trade looks awesome.
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