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  1. Hammer. Ovie was a child prodigy. If this kid was anywhere near as good, we would have heard about him during the youth olympics or something and he would have snapped up by the k. He has got some talent but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
  2. And what i told told you that he plays in a lower league by far then the mhl
  3. Due is close to home. Minnesota boy. I think he was trying to a favor for the team
  4. Doubt it. As much as i like gradin, the legwork was done by guys like lindgren, hammarstrom, and now jonsson when it comes to our swedish prospects
  5. Simon? Drafted by the blues 71st overall
  6. Kind of but he needs work. Skill is there thoughbto be a first liner. Canucks better have an actual plan for him
  7. Huge risk. Playing high school is a little different then playing ushl or whl etc. Plus i watched his audition with fargo and he didnt exactly set the world on fire. Und, i think was right in that he needs alot of work before he makes the jump to the ncaa.
  8. Another name to watch today is simon robertsson. Good underrated winger who can play with some bite
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