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  1. Of course alf, but your analysis reaks of y2kcanucks and a few of the hfboards. Problem is, you are basing your analysis off of one tourney and would like us to use a pick on a rhd that has only had this one tourney on a team canada that was probably the best roster since 2013. You have to add his games with brooks and see why most scouting services dont have anywhere near the top.
  2. Short sample size. Watch his play with brooks before you start saying elite lvl puck mover.
  3. What makes you think we should use a top ten on cuelmans? Given the small sample size that you watched.
  4. Morrow would be a total overdraft at that range plus ushs hockey doent have the best record at producing nhl talent
  5. Lol. Guy is a troll. 6 years at the position at a high lvl is enough to convince me.
  6. Elite prospects main guy scouting. His twitter is fun cuz he will track zone entries and exits of some of theelite defensmen in this draft
  7. Not knocking him as a player. He is very good, but he has been a bit of the passenger even back in the days when he played for trail.
  8. It would be down to those two if we win the lotto. Power is &^@#ing amazing given the amount of responsibility he has in michigan. He is literally a tough minutes machine. Only thing he has to work on is his shot
  9. Ummmmm. Not really, but he was a passenger on the beniers line so that was a big turnoff for me. If you want to get a good idea on prospects in this years draft then look up mitch brown. He does an excelkent breakdown.
  10. Beniers is a culture changer first and foremost. He is a 60 plus point forward with the ability to alterbhis game in the playoffs.
  11. Good list. Thinking beniers is the fourth.
  12. $&!#. Disagree with your logic. Marchment and claude lemieux still ran wild around the league when enforcers were in it. You are just romanticizing the past.
  13. Good list but i think you have mctavish player comparable to low cuz of the petes being the petes. ^
  14. Edvinsson i see more as a oel. His athletic gifts are off the charts but he doesnt process the game as quick as hedman. Lambos is uf he lives up to his playing style, then i can see pietrangelo. Similar style of play from him.
  15. Forget it man. The pens and oilers will go one and two on that.
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