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  1. Really liking geekie. He has a got a serious power game mixed in with some skill. Reminds me of a hybrid of dach and drai.
  2. Still to early in thecseason so far
  3. Isam

    NFL thread

    So happy we got a beast at left tackle. Thank you bungles
  4. Isam

    NFL thread

    No, going with a snake draft and i know i aint getting the first. We are running a ppr league so wideouts are gonna be big again. That is why i am aiming for ekeler for his pass catching ability as an rb. Goob value pick allowing me to spend heavy elsewhere.
  5. Isam

    NFL thread

    I am not trusting the left side of that line this year. By the way, nice pickup in cmac. We do our draft this wednesday and hoping for him but planning on either chubb or ekeler
  6. Isam

    NFL thread

    Yeah and i dont take stock in them. Martin and smith have been injury prone for the past couple years and frederick is done. Williams and collins are ok but arent anything spectacular in the run game. The line is overrated by many for their past acclomplisments.
  7. Isam

    NFL thread

    The problem i have with dallas is their over reliance on the passing attack. Still not sold on the running game since their oline is like swiss cheese this year.
  8. Dvorak is a player on the rise with a career 51.5 faceoff percentage in the dot with some surprisingly good underlying numbers. Mtrl did good to clean up that offer sheet
  9. Interesting. Out of three, i think mcgroarty has the better all around game. He flashes mark stone like smarts in all three zones. Charlie stramel though. My goodness that kid could be the next big thing. For a kid to be that big and operate as a playmaker like that is something special to see.
  10. No it isnt. But there are some things i do like about his game if he cleans it up a bit. He could be a bit of a brannstrom. Big test for him is gonna be the wjc and handling older and stronger comp. Right now i still got him in that 12 to 14 range, but he could easily drop lower if he has another meh showing.
  11. Notre dame is always a tough out for anyone cuz of their defensive style.
  12. Isam

    NFL thread

    Bah. Javonte williams or noah fant if you are going donkeys players
  13. Yeah they did. The big thing mcgroarty is he will need a year to mature after the draft, but the talent is there.
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