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  1. You got to take the gamble sometimes alf. Various factors are used in this.
  2. Still liking jake martin. In the fourth or fith. Just have a feeling teams are going to overvalue guys like morrow dropping some really good players down to the later rounds
  3. Cameron whynot for the win in the second round. He is actually pretty good.
  4. I dont think clb will give up on peeke. They have invested alot of time and money in him and might see him as the david savard replacement. Plus the ninth doesnt have that type of trade value.
  5. Five dollars, hmmmm, you should go for 20
  6. He is a gamble but might worth it. Huge fan of lysell. Dude is a puckhound
  7. It is the same thing eith ontario and quebec. Nothing wrong with it. Like ushl hockey
  8. Why? The kassian and virt vibes should be negated after having some professional games in europe, plus his history of never getting into trouble should also be a good sign
  9. Tell me position of power. Who is your pick and why?
  10. Keep talking . Let me guess. You like cuelmans. Typical one tourney watching fan
  11. No, but it is a fun to talk. Grow the &^@# up.
  12. You got to back up your take. And iam not having a bad day. The thing with a killer draft discussion is a give and take on your favorite prospects non prospects. You cant always generalize off of one tourney or a few games or shifts. It is one problem that i find with people on various sites.
  13. Actually use more then the alf scouting report
  14. Tell me and break it down proper for once why you want the guy you want
  15. Guenther has some serious skill. Love eklunds heart to drive into the dirty areas
  16. Ffs. Am happy with even kent johnson at nine even though he needs work
  17. No one said that. Only you. Second of all, this topic is about who we should pick at nine. If we cant this back in line then the mods should lock this down
  18. You havent watched his otten tape. You havent watched his petes tape when he switched to the wing, but hey keep &^@#ing hottaking
  19. It runs in cycles jimmy. Thing is with the new hockey academies, the dub could become the new mecca for forwards. We are just seeing it now with savoie bedard, and geekie
  20. Weak argument alf especially when there some killers like bedard, geekie, and yager in the league
  21. Guenther is a better forward then what people on here are giving him credit for. His overall body of work has established that. Problem is recency bias and one tourney might devalue him and raise up someone like cuelmans who had a great u18 which is allowing alot of people to ignore alot of problems he has had with brooks in the ajhl.
  22. What do you mean by different league?
  23. But yeah wallstedt and turco do share some similarities.
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