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  1. Watching this playoff series has been very disheartening to our group that have been watching the Canuck vs Vegas games. We haven't seen such disgusting behaviour from an opposing team during games. Ryan Reaves is such a disgusting unprofessional sports athlete (?). Such an immature excuse for a man. Mouthing off an opponents coach and stupid name calling. The Knights are out to injure and maim the younger and smaller players with the aid of the so-called officials! Right in front of their eyes, they do not call penalties. The Knights almost strangle Roussel with his helmet strap, sandwich Hughes- many times, that is only a few. COME ON, good sportsman ship should be in every game. LIVES MATTER , HEALTHY BODIES MATTER . Do they think trying to permanently disabling someone is a smart thing to do? COME ON GROW UP and PLAY HOCKEY NOT MURDER (okay I have vented)
  2. We just have to get some faster action on the power plays. Make use of the power play time. Shoot to the net...shoot shoot shoot-------boys are great!
  3. A group of us watch the games and we have just been dying lately whenever Canucks have power plays. The guys seem to be wasting the whole time passing, passing, and passing. When the team started up last year they would just shoot those nice hard shots. Now, not so much ! Let's get back to those shots on the net ! JUST SHOOT ! Also..................we really missed seeing Trevor Linden at the festivities