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  1. I'm working on my first app right now. Started my online business a few years ago and don't have any regrets. I found specialists from https://www.intellectsoft.net/platforms/ecommerce-retail to help me with app development. These guys are pro devs and they build high-quality native apps for both Android and iOS systems.
  2. Evil Genius - Netflix 10/10 Holy hell that was good, 4 episodes about a true story, I'd never heard of the 2003 Pizza boy bombing / heist but what a crazy true story. Loved every second of it. A must watch.
  3. "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain. I read many quotes here http://thecoolquotes.com/ from famous people to get some inspiration. It works for me, plus I found cool site with hundreds of quotes about love and freedom.
  4. The Empty Man - I enjoyed it, some very creepy and sinister moments. It does try to cram a bit too much in to the story though, some elements perhaps not for the better. The resolution of the story at the end, I felt could have been told better on screen. But over all, I enjoyed it. 7.5/10
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Was a bit disappointed given the high rating on IMDB. An ok watch but will never revisit in the future. 6/10
  6. nothing wrong here, many of my friends met their SO online too. I found online video chat recently where I can make video calls and chat with people with similar interests. It's free app for Android and it's easy in use. As for me it's great way to find new friends online these days.
  7. Just started watching Code Black last night. 4 episodes in and really enjoying it.
  8. Nomadland - 8/10 Really enjoyed this, almost has a documentary feel to it at times with the use of real people and the locations are stunning in some places.
  9. What phone are you using right now? Do you think your that your phone's brand is the best? Yes/no, why? What will be your next smartphone?
  10. Let's discuss the most useful apps, which one is your favorite. Personally I can't imagine my life without Instagram anymore
  11. lol I'm into Apex Legends and Overwatch right now. We play with a group of friends, it's much more entertaining. Plus I found boosting service https://overboost.pro/apex-legends-boosting to help me with difficult tasks and achieve in-game goals faster. Useful service for gamers.
  12. Superstore - 20minutes of heavenly good entertainment!
  13. Boss Level - Quite enjoyed it. A dit daft but sometimes that's exactly what I want. However...7/10
  14. hope so, I'm thinking of buying nice suit in the heat of Mississauga (8 mins to UT Mississaug), here is location https://squareonedistrictcondos.info/location/. I have found independent Realtors with UB Realty Inc., Brokerage who specialize in pre-construction sales. They offer great price right now. I'm sure it could be a good investment for the future.
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