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  1. Thank GOD we didn't sign this guy long term to huge money Something tells me we were sold a bill of goods Dude looked completely useless out there aside from one PP assist
  2. The answer is absolutely no And I'd go as far as to say he's not an NHL coach and one of the worst coaches in the league right now He screams AHL
  3. For the life of my I can't understand how any of you still support the bozo that is Benning Who gives a crap about Calder trophy finalists if you're icing one of the worst teams in the league 7 years later Come on people
  4. well that's a wrap for his career Legendary career but ends with a bunch of "What If's?"
  5. So what do y'all think of the outlook for Square? Bought a bunch last March thanks to the god @AriGold2.0 himself. I thinking I'm going to stick with this one
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Benning is fired tonight I'm not a holy man but I'll become a born again Christian if it means that happens
  7. My analysis is that he's a bum! Send him to Siberia for the love of god
  8. Personally, I'm not sure he has enough IQ to make a bowl of cereal
  9. Of course he has Benning needs to be canned ASAP. What an absolutely terrible GM Decent scout sure, but GM? He's a hack
  10. Does this guy bring anything to the table? Like really, one thing If we traded him for a Mars bar, whoever gave us the Mars bar would be getting ripped off
  11. In a perfect world this guy gets suspended for the duration of his contract What an absolutely horrendous player, and at a cheap rate of only 6 million a year! Thanks again Jimbo. PS. Positions aside, I'd rather have Loui in the lineup than this guy
  12. he's possibly the most frustrating Canuck I've ever watched in my life Can't stand him
  13. I wear one inside (pretty much required everywhere anyway) except for when sitting at a restaurant/bar Outside, if i'm going for a walk or run, nah I'm a middle of the road guy with all of this.
  14. I've hung on to all the Square I bought back when Ari convinced me many months ago. Bought 265 shares at $65 US. Over $200 US today God bless you Ari
  15. Awesome card! How much does it cost to get the Beckett grading and how does it work? You mail them the card and how do you put in payment? Sorry for all the questions!
  16. He's absolutely awful. I cannot understand how any of you don't see this His trades overall have been mediocre. "But but Miller!" OK, that obviously worked out, but I mean we still lost a 1st rounder. It's not like we fleeced Tampa. In fact, some would argue Tampa won that trade considering they shipped off a guy that wasn't contributing His signings have been TERRIBLE. It's not even an argument. His signings might just be the worst in the entire league (Sutter, Beagle, Roussel, Myers, Loui, etc. etc) The one and only area where you can say he's done a decent job is drafting. I'll give him Petey and I'll give him Boeser. I am not giving him Hughes as he fell into Benning's lap. I also look at the roster and see who is currently contributing at a high rate and I barely see Benning's draft picks make any kind of real difference aside from the 3 I mentioned here. I give his drafting a B overall I'm sorry, but when you're mediocre at most facets of your job, you're not good at your job. Oh how I wish we had Yzerman
  17. We're living in crazy times Don't trust the media is all I can say
  18. I'd argue the one game is enough Consider the alternative: We sign Markstrom to an inflated contract (goalies are wildcards unless your name is Carey Price) If this happens, we can pretty much say adios to a young, relatively cheap, stud of a goalie (Demko) to the expansion draft. This also means we'll have cap issues due to paying (over-paying) Markstrom You don't sign Markstrom, you get to keep Demko, save money, and still have a very capable goalie while also having some cap room to address other needs (D and bottom 6)
  19. And people think this dude is going to beat Trump They're both a bunch of bozos but Trump will destroy him in a debate setting. Does anyone actually like Biden or is it just "anybody but Trump"?
  20. I'm still with Square after buying in in the mid 60s. Bought about 25k worth and I owe @AriGold2.0 big time! Anyone else an owner of Square that got in a while back? It's a keeper
  21. For the love of god Jim, do not keep this guy next year His hockey sense is 99% non existent. Kid can fly on the ice but he really lacks the hockey IQ to do anything consistent with his gifts. So completely frustrating. And to those saying he doesn't play enough, there's good reason
  22. I would walk away from this dude in the off-season. He clearly has a lot of raw skill but I don't think he's ever going to be the player he was hyped up to be Trade his rights or do a sign n' trade, but either way, the Canucks do NOT need Virtanen Such a frustrating player
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