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  1. i agree he is fairly complete but he needs to upgrade his skating to really impress me. i see a strong straight liner who played a power game in the ncaa that he is likely not big enough for in the nhl, but i don't see a guy yet who can out turn a dman or beat him off the boards. the thing i like most about him is his obvious drive and focus to be better (as opposed to being just an energy guy). that can move mountains and is why he stands out to me.
  2. decent careful by the book game and looks like a player. needs to be more physical but that's expected. a little bit slow on decision making and had trouble deciding what to do when it got chaotic and sometimes did nothing. all in all, a respectable start.
  3. nice to see him make stuff happen. you get the feeling he has the drive to overcome the shortcomings in his game.
  4. you are comparing different skating skillsets. rathbone is more like brett hedican, who was an incredible natural graceful power skater but lacked stick handling skills and sneaky elusive edgework. he could outrun you forwards of backwards but he was rarely going to trick you into turning the wrong way.
  5. well, you can both be right, i think the decisions he made resulted in political decisions being made to exclude him. i also respect him for rowing his own boat.
  6. anithe solid game. deserves a shout out for stablizing the bottom six during this run.
  7. he played well again. had two excellent scoring chances. tough to say send him to utica when he has games like this.
  8. it depends. if you just gave your opinion while admitting you might be mistaken, then fine. if you yammered away calling people who didn't agree with you idiots, then game on.
  9. well that's not right. rich or poor you have to work hard and be smart to get into an ivy league school unless you are an elite athlete. rich kids go to good schools and get more help and direction, but they still have to do the work to ace their sat and their regular and ap high school courses and you can't fake that. most rich kids in good private schools with the best of instruction have no shot whatever to get into a top ivy league school like harvard.
  10. he had a good game and he's showing progression for a few games now. he's beginning to find time and space and he is not just grinding it out but is working on details. but he's not strong enough yet to play his game. his passes lack zip , especially on the backhand, and he has no ability to separate himself using speed or strength. those things will hopefully come. what is missing for me are those brief moments where you see full potential. he looks sufficiently overmatched that he can't get to those. that's why i still think he should go to utica.
  11. lol, now i've done it with that comparison. for the record, the fact rathbone seems to be johnny on the spot all over the ice retrieving or receiving the puck reminds me of the way bourque was that guy, but the comparison, for now, ends there.
  12. from video, rathbone the rookie ncaa player looks exactly like rathbone the prep high school senior guy. he's so far ahead on skating that he is just is naturally the top pair guy. at this level he looks like ray bourque did where everything just naturally channels and goes through him because he is everywhere.
  13. he's a longshot to make the team at all given his lack of connection to the us development team. he marches to his own drumbeat.
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