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  1. You guys remember the Kadri knee on Ovi in the playoffs a few years ago? Yah that got two minutes and that's it and Kadri specifically stuck out his leg a huge amount. Like what the &^@#...McDavid gets a fine for assault, meanwhile Edler gets two games for this...
  2. No way we shoulda came out of this two game series even. Brutal reffing last game, and a brutal team this game. I knew Tatar was gonna score in the shootout. He's one of those players who's not a top line player but always seems to own the Canucks.
  3. No point to watch us get jobbed by racist Québécois refs again. Only in Quebec is racism allowed to be let go freely. See ya folks.
  4. Roussell fell down when he ran into the Montreal player. Where’s our pp?
  5. I thought there was replay to get delay of game right? Nope not for the Canucks
  6. Oh so we don’t get a puck over glass pp? How much more rigged can it get
  7. Or when the refs finally call a fair game? That BS pp literally shifted momentum completely
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Miller’s worst game of his career so far.
  9. That puck woulda been like 5 feet behind him if it didn’t deflect off the Canucks stick. I don’t know how you can’t see how lucky that bounce was. Either way Montreal should have gotten another goal at least in the first, but that play they scored on was a one in a million lucky pass.
  10. Deflected off a Canucks stick for a perfect pass on the tape of the other guy. That’s such a lucky break. Couldn’t have got a better pass if he tried
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