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  1. Not to brag but I liked the JT Miller trade initially . I knew about how good he was down in Tampa and New York. Same thing with Garland for me sorta a similar Tanner Pearson. I'm just not 100% sure by OEL but I like OEL just we'll see if he's worth the cap or not.
  2. hahaha I know like this is one of those completely unrealistic trades that you'd never see besides there. I don't think I remember a trade that was this big and ground breaking for the Canucks in a long, long time.
  3. Is it bad that I won’t feel that sad if any of these players get picked? I was thinking that we would have left Tyler Motte unprotected and I woulda been really sad with his loss, but damn that guy is such a beast he’s outperformed all expectations and worked his way onto our expansion protection list.
  4. It’s funny that teams have been doing this for years. It’s fine when the Laffs do it but not the Lightning? Bunch of hypocrites plus the Lightning was one of the only two teams to vote against this rule back several years ago
  5. Lol looks like Perry is trying to turn over a new leaf and not dive? What a world we live in
  6. Lol I don’t know if you’re new to being a Bruins fan but you guys are usually the only ones getting calls going your way
  7. I hate the Bruins and I hate Marchand, but I love hockey and my god that goal was a thing of beauty. Might be goal of the year.
  8. Should not be worth more than a major imo. It was a hockey play that ended poorly.
  9. The thing is how do you defend a wraparound? By preventing the player getting to the front of the net. That's what Scheifele was trying to do, he was just a split second late. Would you rather him just let Evans have a goal for free or poke the puck into his own net while putting himself in a vulnerable position? Honestly I see no other choice for Scheifele and that's after looking at the replays and thinking about them for awhile.
  10. Honestly I disagree. He had full momentum going the other way it’s super easy to miss the puck or knock it into your own net. Taking the body prevents the player from putting the puck in the net at all. If evans isn’t injured that’s not even a penalty it’s just unfortunate Evans head hit the ice knocking him out. If Scheifele got there a split second earlier he prevents the goal. Also to the other people saying the game was over. It’s a one goal game with momentum going your way. Scheifele was trying his best to prevent the goal and he almost did. I just think that the way Evans landed
  11. Who woulda thought that Carolina would ever have the highest attendance numbers in hockey? Guess it just took the world coming to an end
  12. For a guy that barely has history to a guy who is an actual criminal on ice...what a freaking joke. Vegas is such a garbage team full of goofs. Besides their first cinderella year, they have the most overrated, dirty piece of hot garbage in the league.
  13. I feel bad for Manny. But I'm absolutely rolling on the floor laughing! How can a team lose in the first round going the max distance 5 years in a row. I've never heard of a team choking as much as this ever. Watching the Steve Dangle live stream is gold.
  14. You guys remember the Kadri knee on Ovi in the playoffs a few years ago? Yah that got two minutes and that's it and Kadri specifically stuck out his leg a huge amount. Like what the &^@#...McDavid gets a fine for assault, meanwhile Edler gets two games for this...
  15. No way we shoulda came out of this two game series even. Brutal reffing last game, and a brutal team this game. I knew Tatar was gonna score in the shootout. He's one of those players who's not a top line player but always seems to own the Canucks.
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