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  1. He's talking about specifically Benning's involvement with Boston. He was part of Boston's team like 5 weeks prior, and then with that knowledge Boston selected Pastrnak with the next pick after McCann. However who knows. Maybe Boston really wanted McCann and Benning snatched him up before Boston could pick him.
  2. The 2015 draft just wasn't fair to all other draft classes. It's insane how stacked that draft was I think only 6 years removed it is already the best draft class of all time. One draft class to rule them all, one draft class to find them, one draft class to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
  3. Remember a few years ago when all the media was saying, "the question is not will the Leafs win the Stanley Cup with this core. It's when"? hahahaha SUCK IT LAFFS!!!
  4. I'm just watching the sky actively fall in Toronto These days are great time to be a Canucks fan.
  5. Not a signing from 2021, but I just audibly told my computer, "HOLY &^@#ING $&!#!" when I saw Jeff Skinner's contract. He got signed to a 9 mill per year contract for 8 years back in 2019 with a full NMC. This guy got that contract when he has never scored more than 0.8 points per game in a season in his career, and he has 37 points in 112 games over the past 2 seasons. I actually feel bad for the Sabres that they have to stomach that contract for another 6 years. And we all thought the Player Name contract was bad. This is a completely different type of disgusting.
  6. You know what I didn't realize about Conor Garland until looking him up a couple games ago? He's from the 2015 draft...the same draft as Brock Boeser. Yes, he was an overager and is almost a year older than Boeser, but I think most people think Boeser is not yet in his prime. That should be the exact same attitude with Garland. The sky is the limit for this guy. He could very well be this generation's Brad Marchand, no hyperbole at all. This guy could score 90 point seasons in his prime...hell he's on pace to do that this year. He's only had two full seasons in the NHL, and they were both shortened on a terrible Arizona roster. He's still in development, and he could develop into a top line star in this league in the next couple seasons if he isn't already...at 4.95 mill. Like that's insane. Imagine if this guy becomes a consistent point per game player at 4.95 mill for the next 5 years. There isn't a better bargain in the league besides the Mackinnon deal, but even then that deal is expiring at the end of next year. Even if he maintains his same PPG as last season, he would have 65-70 points. That's still an absolutely steal of a contract at 4.95 mill. The more I think about the trade this summer, the more I get giddy at how big a freaking steal this trade was. The Laffs traded a first to get out of 1 year of dead cap at 6 mill. The Lames traded a first and TWO seconds for (no offense) Travis freaking Hamonic. We traded a first and second to get out of 1 year of dead cap at 12 mill, and brought in a top pairing D at 7.26 mill, and a potential top line point per game forward at 4.95 mill. If we use those trades for benchmark, the value we got out of that trade (if OEL=Hamonic which is clearly not the case) are worth 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and however freaking much Garland is worth in a trade. I just can't get over how good this deal is looking.
  7. I find it funny how the Pacific is the second best division so far, and Vegas and Seattle (two teams the experts were high on) are at the bottom of the division. Yah, it’s early, but it’s still funny.
  8. I don’t know what happened to Schneider. He was so good for us. Such a fall from grace.
  9. A very good test of an opponent. They are a way better team than when we last played them a couple years ago mostly because of Kaprizov. They did just have their first loss to Nashville, let’s make it 2 in a row for them and show that at home we can be a super dominant team.
  10. Gotta keep my hot streak going. I was so close to picking Horvat for the first goal against the Kraken as well but I’ll take 8 points in the last 2 games. 5-3 Canucks Miller GWG Boeser first goal. Lotto line comes alive!
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