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  1. Wow Holtby is so bad. He left that short side wide open...the only place where Dubois can shoot. Just run with Demko ffs.
  2. The last shutout broissoit had was 1-0 against us when we put 40+ shots on him lol
  3. This was the same thing for the Canucks last season. During November was their best month in terms of dominating the opponent and advanced analytics...but they lost 8 in a row that month. Weird how that happens
  4. So I tried searching and Jason Brough deleted his Twitter account now. Don’t know why he did that instead of just changing his name because I always liked checking up on his Twitter comments during the game and he had some of the best Canucks Twitter posts of all time. Really sucks and hope he and Halford can come back.
  5. You happen to know at about what time that call was? I’d like to give it a listen.
  6. I am a huge fan of the CFL and the ATP, but even Cuthbert doesn’t do the announcing anymore. The only good TSN personalities left are Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro. I don’t know if I can get CFL games anywhere else but I’d definitely cancel TSN anytime besides the CFL season and world juniors.
  7. I know there was only one show I ever listened to on Vancouver radio and that is Halford and Brough with Mclutchie on the switches. That was a top quality show all just so good at their jobs. I listened to at least the first hour of their show every day. This &^@#ing sucks cause now when the Canucks suck I now have no interest in them anymore. I used to be a fan of the personalities like Botchford, Halford, and Brough, and they helped me stay interested in the Canucks through the roughest of times, but now not anymore. Western Canada already had too little media coverage as is. Guess what? Now we get more Matthew’s &^@#ing shoved down our throat. How &^@#ing bull$&!# is that? Shut the &^@# up you &^@#ing inbred bastards and give us the sports we want!
  8. That non call on Roussell is just inexcusable especially after you’ve called only penalties against the Canucks so far
  9. Hey the positive to take away is we only have to face the Habs only 4 more times this year.
  10. The hockey gods just love torturing us. Why the &^@# would the NHL rig it and put two teams we’ve never been able to beat in Montreal and Winnipeg in the same division as us. Only worse thing they could do is put New Jersey in it as well.
  11. Chatfield has had an absolutely awful two games. I really want to see Juolevi back in over him next game.
  12. My god Demko with the save of the year with the back of his leg and Sportsnet can’t even show a proper replay...