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  1. Less 3 point games for other teams and separation between the top 2 teams and the rest of the division. Oh, and win games in regulation
  2. I think it would be different if the 4th line got comparable minutes and deployment as the top lines, but they don't. Not saying they would produce the same as the top six if given the same opportunities (they are the 4th line for a reason), but they likely get about half as many shifts and no power play time while being out for short handed situations. Looking at it that way, I would expect my 4th liners to get between 7 and 12 goals and between 15-25 points, or about a quarter of what I would expect out of my top line. I don't think our guys are too far off and may even be ahead of the curv
  3. Kid is such a good retriever and likes to find the open guy when he creates a turnover. I wish his linemates could do something with his hard work, whoever they are
  4. I doubt he signs for less than 4, especially if it's a one year deal. I don't think the team sees him as anything less than a 3-4 defenseman considering the minutes he's playing in the situations he's playing them in, and those don't come cheap. We'd pay over five at least on the open market for a player like him
  5. Agree to disagree. I feel like I don't get to see the whole ice on tv, only what the cameras follow. I'm not in the dressing room so I don't know what's going on in there either. Any amazing insight that I think I may have into the team is nothing more than speculation on my part, not the absolute truth. Anyone who thinks they know better than seasoned professionals and people with a vested interest in the teams success is kidding themselves.
  6. This is horrible logic. Thinking you can see more than the professional coaching staff from your couch is hilarious. Not sure why people figure that we should win every game. Both teams are trying every night, The game is fast and mistakes will be made by both sides. Every given night one team will be more opportunistic than the other. I'm not happy the Canucks lost two more to Montreal either, but wanting to change the coaching staff and personnel of the team every time we lose more than four and a row is so counterproductive. Spend years building an exciting young only tea
  7. I certainly hope there isn't a knee-jerk reaction to last nights game. Today's a new day, the boys I'll figure it out ! GCG!!
  8. Such an odd stretch of hockey. Lots of cheating going on, lots of shortcuts, especially the D. The turnover machine we've watched so far this year is just lazy hockey, along with some pretty bad luck, particularly with the top players. Last year they were playing the right way and didn't have a lot of expectations. This year it almost seems like they think they're good enough to not have to play the right way anymore, and it seems each failed shortcut is resulting in a goal against. Too many low percentage gambles. Cheating the system You're playing just doesn't work in today's NHL, even
  9. Looks pretty good so far against the us
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