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  1. Hey hey hey slow down here;) Sure resting on a serving vessel may seem an invitation but in reality it's teasing cause tonight Alf's consuming deer pig and bunnies. T Sparkle appears a bit young yet for a babushka b dan:) A win tonight finds us all sharing cheers and smiles. GCG
  2. Our opponents ruin has been proven too little as of yet. Against us the measure of this match in our local rivals inaugural home opener will be tall. Their lineup motivated and full how will our team at the end of a lengthy season opening road trip fare? Though early in as of today we are merely treading water in the standings it doesn't feel out of reason that we can't share a sense of hope of what's to come. This game is important for many reasons and as always time will tell. Soon to be checked with a good feeling of this new groups potential I say from here on we shall lay ruin to most we face!
  3. Would the Panthers be motivated enough looking to save 1.75? million in cap for a straight across trade? If we shed OJ's 875 and TH's 1.25? thats close to Rad's 2 yrs at 2.5 mil. We'll find out soon enough.
  4. I'm not laughing or offering any sarcasm. Just stating a possibility.
  5. How is it for us to know you haven't gender transitioned since?;)
  6. This game score outcome seems just fine to me!
  7. I'd be okay with this. Ballsy move I say. The explosion part...not so much:)
  8. Ya for sure. In War of the Worlds towering invaders were defeated by a virus. To say more of how we see each other I'm not comfortable with.
  9. Bring it on invaders;) Humans will struggle but as HG WELLS predicted the virus always wins cause human's greatest enemy remains unseen
  10. Podz seems way behind? Why did he dump/ ring it around that hard so it ends up to CT who starts the push up ice to score the goal for Calgary?
  11. Vino Tinto..911 6pm Sportsnet. Careful of your protein choices fella:)
  12. This photo taken in spring with the shrubs bursting to leaf? The handsome tricolour with smut ears and it's custom cat window hearing the chocolate say like "what are you looking over there for"? Looking so forward to the presser tomorrow with our young stars and JB "throwing it down" Watching the game tonight on Telus...channel 911.
  13. Did we just freak out a moderator here by going off topic feline?
  14. Awesome. That looks like a Canucks blanket also? up in the right corner?
  15. Hmmm. Option to opt the season has passed him.
  16. Oh let's do and squeeze a quick "off topic" in here:) The photo's not one of our's but it's a Bengal and we've three of them. All are slightly different and our youngest, this fella who resembles and moves like a cheetah is named Petey. Thanks for asking!! Back to it. THIS TEAM'S GONNA ROCK THE NHL THIS SEASON!....all caps...I know...just one exclamation mark though:)
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