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  1. Sounds like a good goalie battle. Luukkonen ( Sudbury Wolves ) was the 2nd Goalie taken in 2017 ( #54 ), DiPietro was 3rd goalie taken ( #64 ). Oettinger went #26.
  2. Not when coming from Europe. We own his rights, so as @theo5789 ^^ says, that might only apply to 'free agents'. The Ryan O'Reilly offer sheet meant that if he had signed with Calgary, he would have to pass waivers to get to the NHL. Obviously different situations, but I get easily confused !
  3. I don't think that Hutton can expect a big raise. He was given a generous contract. Last year, JB's contract took a lot of flack, as BH flopped. This year, things were greatly improved, but his contract would fall into the 'fair' zone rather than a massive under payment. Rafferty looked great. For no practices, I am impressed. Look forward to next training camp. Teves looked out of his depth and appeared to be very 'slight' ( listed @ 170lbs ). At 24/25, don't know if he can improve on that too much.
  4. Hmmmm........would he have to pass through waivers to get on our roster ? If not, welcome back !!!!
  5. Useless trivia time.......Gerry Rafferty was in a band ( Humblebums ) that comedian Billy Connolly was a big part of. ( pre Baker St.. )
  6. From what I've read, it's NYRs with a slim chance that Boston might be in play.
  7. I know you have tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I actually feel that a couple of these posts were not written by Rob Zepp. I like his posts and agree with about 90% of them. The Tryamkin stuff is too HF-ish ! Quoting CA and posting a bunch of well debated click bait drivel is not his style.
  8. Not taking sides in this, but are you talking about Philip Larsen ?
  9. I think that there is one more reason for Biega's one way deal. At the time of signing, he was pencilled in as a #7/8 NHL dman or an AHL veteran leader. ( he has played far more than expected ). I think the Canucks felt that a one way contract for 2 years would discourage others from picking him up if we put him on waivers to get him to Utica. I don't think Tryamkin would ever see time in Utica. He puts bums in seats and is at worst a solid 3rd pairing NHL dman.
  10. I think in O'Reilly's case, he had an 'opt out' KHL contract ( he was RFA as far as the NHL went ) and then received an offer sheet from the Flames. Colorado matched but could have played hard ball with the waiver factor. As far as being 'too late' in the season to join the team, I'm really not sure. If Teves and Hughes can play with late signings, why not Tryamkin ?
  11. Are there any similarities between a situation where Tryamkin could sign, and play the final few games of the season, and the O'Reiily screw up where Flames would have to waive him ? I think that moving from Europe mid season was a factor. There are probably many differences to consider. It can get complicated !
  12. Yes he had a goal. Fairly easy to find NCAA scoreboard....... https://www.uscho.com/scoreboard/
  13. It's been a couple of days since taking a puck to the head. Any news ?
  14. In the 3-2 loss to Oshawa, I saw 2 of his 3 goals against. One was very, very soft. Not tight to the post, had a goal go in from a bad angle. The other goal was 'deja vu' from his Canuck game, diving forward to his left, opening up way too much of the upper net. It was a good shot, but I'm a tad nervous about his game translating to the NHL.
  15. It's not a performance bonus. It's a locked in bonus signed for at the start of his 6 year contract. He doesn't have to explain anything !
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