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  1. Botchford is preaching to the choir. CDCers have noted that the 'missing pieces' are all top end pieces. #1 LD, #1 RD, #1 LW. If you ignore the constant whine of the eternally negative CDCers, consensus is that the foot soldiers of our team are pretty well taken care of ! A little tweeking will always be in the works, but three, maybe four, big pieces need to be added!
  2. I think that more 'extreme' incidents are to come ! The reffing has allowed every series become a free for all ! They're not even pretending that the post season rules are the same as the regular season rules. Players will start diving to draw attention to the many, many uncalled infractions and occasionally incidents like this will happen. Frustration will lead nowhere good !
  3. I could see MB being offered an AHL deal if there are no NHL takers. The fact that JB used up all 50 slots may have been a factor. I don't know where the 50 man roster will stand on 1st July. If there is lots of room ( doubt it ) then a Woo like, delayed contract, could have been reached. I thought the exact same stuff with Carl Neill tho'. We'll strike pay dirt on one of these late pick RDs one day !
  4. Being disappointed in Eriksson seems strange. What do you expect after year #1 and #2. Seems like yet another example of not being able to separate contract and player. If you asked 'are you happy with LE's play for 6mil per year ?', then absolutely not !! At this stage, what he gave this year is exactly what should have been expected !
  5. Good way to nudge Edler towards signing ! There's probably only room for one of them. Real or a bluff ?
  6. I know it's not in your time frame, but a few of us remember JJ Daigneault coming on to the draft stage on crutches. ( evidently it caught the Canucks by surprise too ! )
  7. I need some help here. How do we know who is durable and who isn't ? Capt Hindsight usually appears a couple of years after the fact, never before !
  8. So much talk of the Hughes bros needing/ wanting to play on the same team. If I have it right, they had the opportunity to play together this past season. Possibly/ probably their one and only chance to do so. I believe they had full control of the options, but took different paths. Don't think that playing on different teams is an issue.
  9. Sounds like a good goalie battle. Luukkonen ( Sudbury Wolves ) was the 2nd Goalie taken in 2017 ( #54 ), DiPietro was 3rd goalie taken ( #64 ). Oettinger went #26.
  10. Bettman is very good in certain areas. His prime job is to enhance the NHL while protecting the owners interests. Three work stoppages reek of failure !
  11. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=115481
  12. Not sure how you know you don't like something if you don't read it !
  13. I much prefer Pearson over Leipsic, but you are cherry picking with the draft history. Pearson was not drafted his first eligible year. Not his 2nd year either. Drafted at 20 yrs. If Leipsic had gone undrafted, his 120 points for Portland in his D+1 year may well have made him a #1 round pick !
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