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  1. Sounds like a good goalie battle. Luukkonen ( Sudbury Wolves ) was the 2nd Goalie taken in 2017 ( #54 ), DiPietro was 3rd goalie taken ( #64 ). Oettinger went #26.
  2. I don't think that Hutton can expect a big raise. He was given a generous contract. Last year, JB's contract took a lot of flack, as BH flopped. This year, things were greatly improved, but his contract would fall into the 'fair' zone rather than a massive under payment. Rafferty looked great. For no practices, I am impressed. Look forward to next training camp. Teves looked out of his depth and appeared to be very 'slight' ( listed @ 170lbs ). At 24/25, don't know if he can improve on that too much.
  3. Useless trivia time.......Gerry Rafferty was in a band ( Humblebums ) that comedian Billy Connolly was a big part of. ( pre Baker St.. )
  4. From what I've read, it's NYRs with a slim chance that Boston might be in play.
  5. Yes he had a goal. Fairly easy to find NCAA scoreboard....... https://www.uscho.com/scoreboard/
  6. It's been a couple of days since taking a puck to the head. Any news ?
  7. In the 3-2 loss to Oshawa, I saw 2 of his 3 goals against. One was very, very soft. Not tight to the post, had a goal go in from a bad angle. The other goal was 'deja vu' from his Canuck game, diving forward to his left, opening up way too much of the upper net. It was a good shot, but I'm a tad nervous about his game translating to the NHL.
  8. DiPietro on various SN channels. Ottawa 67s vs Oshawa Generals. ( 1:50 pm ) 2nd Period, 67s 1-0.
  9. If you have ever tried haggis, you'd absolutely understand this saying ! It attaches itself to every nook and cranny. Brushing doesn't help ! Scrubbing doesn't help ! Took me three days to get rid of that 'bad taste'. (....I'm told I'm about 10% Scottish, which is why I was stupid enough to think I had to try it. )
  10. No expert here, but I believe they have until 15th Aug after their senior year before becoming UFA. Rathbone and Madden for instance both must be signed by 15/Aug '22. Starting college the same year, seems to be the contractual trigger. Below is the CapFriendly 'sign by date'. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks/reserve-list
  11. Really need to have this non-move explained to me ! Keep wondering what I'm missing.
  12. The AHL regular season ends about a week after the NHL. If Canucks are out and Comets are in, seems that Gaudette would benefit from having the option to play for Utica. ( after playing a game or two to end their regular season )
  13. Thought Gaudette had to be 'papered' down to Utica today, to be eligible for a Calder cup run. Only MacEwen and Mazanec are listed. (.......and no Schenn ) Edit:......or Sautner
  14. Could not disagree more ! AG must return to Utica if the 'nucks are out of the post season race ! Look how much he soaked up during his recent stint there. Being part of a Utica playoff run is exactly what he should be involved in !
  15. ....or perhaps no proof at all. JB may have been working on this an hour after Demko was out of action. Great when assumptions become facts.
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