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  1. Ok since I have nothing to do tonight like watch the draft I guess I’ll go out for dinner. Great trade. Looking forward to free agent signings and making the playoffs.
  2. Some really strange picks. There have to be a bunch of deals in the background.
  3. We are solid in goal, but if he's available, I would draft Jesper Wallstedt. The more I watch and read about him, he seems like the goalie equivalent of a "Generational Talent". He just seems too good to pass up on. Trade Demko in a couple of years when Wallstedt is ready. Guess I'll keep my day job.
  4. This is a great move by both Philly and Nashville. Patrick has had serious concussion problems before he’s had a chance to develop into a regular NHL player. He will likely never reach the potential that scouts saw in him as a junior. With his concussion history, he’s going to be in and out of the lineup.
  5. Keep the pick unless we get an effective player plus another first. This draft is going to be similar to 2015 where impact players are available throughout the first round. We are more than a couple of players short of contending.
  6. Exactly, I meant a Ryan Reaves in his prime type player. Or a Tom Wilson. Todd is nowhere near that.
  7. A somewhat dirty, play on the edge, bruising winger who can score 10-15 goals a season and beat the crap out of the other teams tough guys. Honestly, in a regular year, that's what we need to add to get us to the playoffs.
  8. I seriously don't mid the Canucks sucking for 2 more years. I'm sure the Oilers were among the teams that deliberately sucked with the hopes of drafting McDavid. There's another Generational Connor coming up in 2 years. If we get him, it will be worth it.
  9. Perfect, Rest up Elias, come back and save our season. We just need to run the table.
  10. The most the other team did was skate up to him to talk. Kind of reminds me of when Lucic ran over Miller and nobody on Bufallo wanted anything to do with him. Thats the kind of presence the Nucks need.
  11. It was such a hilarious fight. Murphy looked absolutely frightened throughout the whole ordeal.
  12. Its all a matter of perspective. If Hog was an American, that play would not have been penalized.
  13. 2011 was Baertschi's draft year too. We might have more first rounders than EDM.
  14. So you think Calgary is going to grab that last playoff spot then?
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