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  1. got stocks in SCR and am HYPED right now aha. its been a wild ride lol
  2. The player could lose their job. And look at the way you are right now. If it came out that a player had hit or "assaulted" a coach. That player is instantly gone and the video coach can continue doing his job while the public defends him. So in every scenario the player loses everything. Because no one would believe him, and if you say well they would conduct an investigation, maybe they find something different but they didnt in theres. So now the player has one option left. Go public with the info. It would be hard for someone and anyone with a more timid personality to put their name and f
  3. I have been with this girl for a few months now after meeting her on tinder a couple years ago (she lives in victoria, so it was kinda weird at first) but everything has actually been really good and fun!! I hope this helps lol
  4. Eh, all that happens is his shot would hit the post or be blocked and thats it, still 3 big saves for demko
  5. not worried about him either hes going to be great, but the goal was a softie. He would have saved that pre covid
  6. Covid may have ravaged Demko a bit more, he'll get better but maybe this wont be the year to hit the playoffs
  7. sens whole shift was like when youre playing with your younger brother and just messing around. They just controlled everything
  8. Vesey is horrendous, put mac in or lind. Just someone who can do something
  9. Why is Vesey above Virtanen? This man has been absolutely terrible.
  10. I do agree, the whiteness of the layout does seem a tad bit overpowering when you are looking at it for a while, In regards to this it does seem very wasteful in terms of real estate as well as putting all the text off centre, I would love if they could add a feature to maybe close it, so people who want to see the popular posts can just open it and push the text to the side, but when one wants the text to go back centred they can just close the right part and it will go back to normal just some food for thought
  11. Good job to the devs, as someone who works a little bit in web development i like it lol Mods can delete this after they pass on my compliments lol
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