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  1. For those of you high on Clarke, is his skating any cause for concern? Especially for a player billed as an offensive defenseman, I think his skating is bit below average from the videos I've seen. Craig Button has him at #2, so perhaps it is not an issue.
  2. In my opinion, this is just plain stupid and cruel. Canucks need to call up as many farm players as possible and rotate them in regularly. We have to prioritize the health of our players.
  3. Our forwards collapse way too deep in the defensive zone. Not only does this leave the points wide open it hinders puck retrieval and and breakouts.
  4. Uh the boards end 40-48 inches above the ice surface, and that puck was off the glass for sure. That puck was nowhere near 3 feet off the ice.
  5. I'm surprised the McDavid play knocking the puck down wasn't called a high stick.
  6. Linden was a great player for us and a franchise icon, but for all those that are blaming Benning, Linden's decision to prioritize the interests of two individual players over the long term health of the franchise cannot be forgotten. Does Benning deserve blame for some bad moves? Yes. All the blame for all the bad moves? Absolutely not.
  7. Here's the quote: Canucks president Trevor Linden did a Q-and-A with Sportsnet's Luke Fox where he admitted that his loyalty to the franchise's all-time leading scorers takes priority over a potential rebuild. "We have Daniel and Henrik Sedin here, who are very important to this organization and icons in the city. They're not going anywhere. I don't know how I walk into the room and tell these guys, 'Strip it down.' I'm not sure it's fair to these guys," said Linden. "There's different circumstances, be it in Toronto or Carolina or Vancouver, that require different rout
  8. Linden had no problem trading picks for Baertschi and Vey, and signing Eriksson to 6x6 while the Sedins were here. It is well-known that he thought it would be unfair to the Sedins to rebuild before they retired (Google if if you don't believe me). Yet when they retired and we had missed the playoffs for 3 straight years, all of a sudden he wants to rebuild and objected to signings of Beagle etc. If he had his way, Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, Boeser would be on a rebuilding team for years to come with the hopes of becoming a playoff team years down the road. That may in fact be the right path,
  9. That was the initial penalty before he went after Hoglander, which makes the ensuing 4 on 4 even more ridiculous...it means we got the extra penalty for all that happened starting from when Forbort went after Hoglander.
  10. Edler or Myers would have been issued a triple minor for those cross checks that Forbort laid on Hoglander. Ridiculous he wasn't penalized, especially given how refs love calling retaliatory penalties.
  11. Is 3 days off sufficient for a concussion? I really hope he gets the proper amount of rest and fully recovers before returning...
  12. Lost in all the conversation has been the fact that Hughes has 34 points in his last 35 games going back to the start of the bubble. Pretty impressive.
  13. Absolutely loved our game and am so relieved for Green and Benning that we've been playing so well. No passengers tonight. What a win!
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