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  1. no, training camp is about the players , not you.
  2. had no idea that 59.18% of the people here are dumb Americans. they would have to be, no self respecting Canadian would vote no.
  3. Oppose all you want, thats your right. just stay home like the dumb dumb you are...is all im saying.
  4. absolutely keep the unvaccinated jerks at home where they belong.
  5. Tryamkin can pound sand, he was garbage.....lost on the ice every single shift 8 strides behind every neutral zone turnover
  6. I'm having a hard time believing anyone here cares about Loui and his birthdays.
  7. that was my point every shift on every line spend all thier energy chasing and defending that when we do get the puck its dump and change.
  8. well we ain't going, didn't you hear the utter joy in shottys voice when he announced it. Shorthouse needs to go. they guy is absolute shyte and he never get the call right.
  9. dont worry we won't play them all. once we get eliminated they will cancel all unnecessary games
  10. well congrats refs you did it you assisted in getting a player some points
  11. I dont think we're gonna win the cup this year. I just got a feeling about this.
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