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  1. Doctor Bonnie is going to shut the entire province down tonight as they are currently holding a vote. Three weeks total lockdown is what is being mentioned.
  2. Hold. The price of lumber and building costs means that bad azz property is only going to appreciate. Diamond hands.
  3. Dumb people seem to be the loudest no doubt.
  4. People getting mad at someone for getting sick maybe one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. The world is truly getting dumber.
  5. JP Barry and Pat Brisson are both Hughes and Pettersson's agents. These two agents will milk the most money they can out of GMJB. To think these contracts will be cheap or fair is probably a little naive. Barry and Brison are everything wrong with the NHL.
  6. Hopefully that ref gifted point doesn't cost the canucks down the road
  7. Keith Tkachuk along with Roenick were the guys who trashed the dressing room at the Japan Olympics. Pure class. I was super Pizzed when we didn't draft Matthew Tkachuk but watching his career and how he acts, GMJB made the right call.
  8. Liut also had the coolest mask in hockey at the time.
  9. Great win boys, I am really not sure how the mosh pit goal was allowed. We will take and move on. Lets fkn go
  10. This guy reminds of the hamburgler guy in Ottawa. This deal is going to look really really bad.
  11. Not quite as sold on Michaelis but Hawyrluk looks to be a really hard working guy who uses his body. He seems tentative with the puck but that is just rust I Imagine. Nice to have a real energy guy in the bottom six.
  12. she aint purdy she just looks that way. the 5 on 3 was crushing to watch. we won woooooo
  13. Our best player on the third line? Miller in the middle seems to be very good and creates options for Green. Ep Boeser Hawyluk would be interesting
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