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  1. This is sad. Jimmy, I've always stuck with you but is the plan to completely deplete the whole cupboard. You twits keep Petan and Dowling to let Big Mac and Gadj go elsewnere. I never get mad at the decisions JB makes, but today I'm officially torked.
  2. Podkolzin is so so ready for the big time. Calder contender.
  3. Does anyone know when the team's have to submit their final roster?
  4. Wow, didn't see that coming. Wished they at least gave him a real look before bailing on him. Good luck kid, hope you do well.
  5. Podz looked nervous when he was playing on the line with Pettersson last night.
  6. Looks like Mika is his agent's only client. Even the little fish agent's are getting these monster deals. I guess when the league is totally screwed they can just ask the player's for 50 percent escrow. What a gong show.
  7. yes this is ill advised I will fight anyone who slags the canucks
  8. I am terrified of needles. It legit doesn't hurt. Get vaxxed you silly fukks
  9. Possibly his agent keeping in touch with Hamonic?
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