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  1. I love watching Kane but Lindros when healthy was one of the most dominant players ever. So I say Lindros
  2. Mods I can barely read eat or see but I keep hearing people wanting to trade Brock and so on on on. If any of these land Biatches wanna meet at my senior provided housing, I get smoke breaks twice a day. Meet me out back Biatches
  3. Maybe Gillis can talk some sense into Bettman regarding the Luongo recapture penalty
  4. If it's over for Weber my hats off to one of the leagues best ever dman and a classy guy to boot
  5. Messier then Perrault. Grrrr hating typing Mess was the best
  6. Could we do a bruceybruce vs bertuzzipunch mma battle just for the fans.
  7. ep40 Is the most important piece. This kid is the franchse.
  8. Canuck fans are smart. Besides some silly props this fan base is probably the smartest in the entire league.
  9. Jake fan from his draft, stuck with him even though these boards wanred to crucify him. If what is claimed happened sorry Jaie Ur d0ne here. To that young lady I apologize for all canucks/ We dont stand for that bull/
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