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  1. Enjoy the last days of summer my friend. Good day.
  2. while EP40 drove the train, Eichel outperformed him. Sound logic.
  3. how many rounds did Buffalo go
  4. Eichel great player, EP40 he is not.
  5. Cmon man. This comment won Cmon man award. What planet would any GM trade EP40.
  6. Watching this years playoffs it's quite apparent Louie Debrusk has a real dislike for the Canucks.
  7. Listening to Louie Debrusk during the playoffs it is quite apparent he does not like Vancouver.
  8. He seemed to give it all he had as a canuck but not sure how this 35 yr old can keep up in today's nhl. Good for him, wish him the best and I had no idea he was from Victoria.
  9. To all the Jake haters, sounds like you are going to get your wish. He wasn't great in the playoffs but in two years we are going to wish we never shipped him out.
  10. How much does Pettersson get paid? I hope they sign him for a long term deal. The kid is the face of the franchise, hope they pay him well and long term. Same thing with Hughes, sign these kids to long term deals.
  11. I love the way this kid always has his stick on the ice giving a target to whomever is trying to pass. Pettersson is going to love playing with this guy. Good times ahead nuck fans.
  12. CDC in a not very news worthy trade, trades darkindianrises for an empty six pack of phillips glitterbomb. Ease up man, they just fkn lost.
  13. This summer hockey was super fun, our youngsters proved they are going to be a force moving forward. Pettersson was abused the entire playoffs and didn't give an inch. Our superstar dman set records. We caught a glimpse of our future rookie netminder. This team is the real deal folks. Thanks for the fun summer and enjoy the last of the sun til that nasty rain rolls in.