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  1. Frack the KHL let him play in Q rip it up.
  2. No the Q then Abby frack the K
  3. Gillis why does anyone defend or bring him up? long time ago. Meanwhile JB is building but he needs at least 2 stay at home D that can play.
  4. Play 7 D , Quin on the Power play as QB and play him as a forward on Horvat's line
  5. Dress 7 D have QH play powerplay QB and wing on Horvat's line. move Schmidt to his natural side, sign Rutta 2.5 mil and Hamonic 2.5 mil and Jani Hakanpaa 2.1 mil and Edler 1.5 mil Schmidt Rutta Rathbone Hamonic Juolevi Myers Edler Hakanpaa
  6. I would take a run at Rutta cheap and a effective D on the right side. Plays big min in Tampa.
  7. Nobody will take Eriksson unless a first is tied to it . Waive him or retire him and move him into management LOL, complete the Line of Sedin's and Eriksson management group.
  8. First of all what are we getting ? Will they draw from life experiences and look at their failures ? What stopped them from hoisting the cup ? This is a PR move at best. Benning is a terrible GM and the Sedin's are going to make him better LOL . I would rather have Stan Smyl as GM at least you would get a team that can play in the playoffs. JB doesn't know how to build a defense you need size and meanness that can skate.
  9. why not sign Jann Rutta cheap Big right handed and can play.
  10. Why would Seattle take Holtby ? They have better options . I think we loose a youngster , Two players I would like to see added , Wennberg and Granlund at Center position and a third Rutta at D.
  11. No to all of it ! You dont trade your Franchise D Man , You surround him with D men that can protect him and help him Big and can play mean.
  12. Get Some cheap help Rutta from Tampa would help the back end .
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