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  1. I agree but Dubois is a stud like Horvat.
  2. Miller for Dubois yes I would do that in a flash
  3. I think we are ok , one more D man and groom the kids . Hoglander fits with the second line like a glove. With Miller back and Brock's shot back the first line is set. Put Jake back on the third line to replace a winger.
  4. LOL wow go Jake go Once Miller gets back Jake is back to the third line .
  5. Podkolzin is a top 6 player Jake is not . Podkolzin has the drive to win that is needed on the Canucks . Jake not so much. Jake is a third line winger, Podkolzin would look good on Horvat's wing.
  6. Jake is fine being a third line right wing goal scorer who can move up with injury's. The problem with Jake is Green, the third line should be Motte - Gaudette - Virtanen . Or maybe Bailey - Gaudette - Virtanen . Ether way speed would make that line away more effective . Green has a thing for Virtanen that wants to keep him harnessed .
  7. Toronto Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg Vancouver Montreal Ottawa
  8. I would rather have Motte on the third line move Roussel to left wing fourth line a fast scoring 3rd line Pettersson - Miller - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Hoglander Motte - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - Sutter Eriksson/Hawryluk/MacEwan
  9. JB has made some bone head moves Roussel from the start was not the player we needed we needed someone tough i mean really tough, The Louongo recapture was not his fault , But not signing TT was he could have made room. The Virtanen experiment is just about over ( should have been traded) Podkolzin will replace him. Ferland has had concussion problems for awhile and should have never been signed. It is about cap management and JB does a bad job at that.