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  1. Pettersson has all the tools to succeed having said that he needs to prove he is worth the contract he is getting so play like it.
  2. You are right about that Pettersson needs to be benched when he plays like a tabby cat . He is not our best player and is not worth his paycheck right now.
  3. Pettersson needs to do something besides loosing the puck falling down and missing the net every time he gets the puck. His skating looks average at best.
  4. Wow name calling , I have the right 50 years of being a fan, watched reaching just about the top 3 times. Skill goes along way but size on the back end gets the job done. You as fan have a right to have an opinion so do I.
  5. Van needs to carry 7 D each game (another bigger D man), Play Hughes on the power play and give him some forward min in the right times against 3rd lines . Keep him away from heavy checking forwards .Utilize his skill.
  6. LOL how can any of you support this buffoon of a GM. We will not win a Stanley Cup under him. this team is no tough enough or big enough. Until JB is replaced we are spinning our wheels . We are going to be Lucky to make the playoffs. Yes JB has mad some bad trades and signings and draft picks, JV what a laugh ,Juolevi 3 D away better and better forwards on his draft . Had a winning team came to a game 7 with Vegas to winning . Should have kept Marky Tanev and Toffoli .Traded Demko JV for some help on D and added a cheap backup. why mess with a winning team . Add two D with size and grit. Add some size up front as well. But no lets make the team weaker. JB is gambling on OEL coming back to a 40 point season we shall see . I want to be wrong and maybe he is building a winner but I dont see it yet.
  7. Frack the KHL let him play in Q rip it up.
  8. No the Q then Abby frack the K
  9. Gillis why does anyone defend or bring him up? long time ago. Meanwhile JB is building but he needs at least 2 stay at home D that can play.
  10. Play 7 D , Quin on the Power play as QB and play him as a forward on Horvat's line
  11. Dress 7 D have QH play powerplay QB and wing on Horvat's line. move Schmidt to his natural side, sign Rutta 2.5 mil and Hamonic 2.5 mil and Jani Hakanpaa 2.1 mil and Edler 1.5 mil Schmidt Rutta Rathbone Hamonic Juolevi Myers Edler Hakanpaa
  12. I would take a run at Rutta cheap and a effective D on the right side. Plays big min in Tampa.
  13. Nobody will take Eriksson unless a first is tied to it . Waive him or retire him and move him into management LOL, complete the Line of Sedin's and Eriksson management group.
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