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  1. Keep Sutter LOL/ why the heck would you want him slow and has no balls
  2. Here is the deal , I give you another scenario. Sign Tanev , Toffoli and Markstrom at their current contracts. No to Schmidt no to Virtanen and no to Holtby . difference in contracts would have been. about 2 million. to Make up that room send Ericksson and Roussel to Utica. Trade Demko , Bartschi and Rafferty to Detroit for Moritz Seider and Bernier (Detroit retains 2 mil.) Sign Hamonic at 1.25 mil Sign Tryamkin 1.5 x 2 Sign Rutta for 1.5 x 2 Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Hoglander Gaudette Bailey / MacEwen Mo
  3. Roussel is past his prime, Nucks need to get younger faster and meaner .
  4. What Benning could have done if he had the balls, we would have been better now and in two years. He could have showed that the bubble was no accident . FA had his fingers all over this. All he had to do is sign Markstrom ,Tanev , Toffoli, no Schmidt .. Traded Demko, Virtanen ,and Bartischi to Detroit for Veleno plus a second. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Hoglander Sutter MacEwen Motte Beagle Bailey Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Harmonic Extra's Juolevi , Rafterty Hawryluk
  5. Follow this Trade 1 , To Florida Sutter and Benn the Canucks get Brent Connolly and a second and a third. Why Florida does this they get a good shut down center for their playoff run and a solid D-man Van gets two picks plus Connolly who is out of favor with Florida. Trade 2, To Montreal Pearson and Roussel the Canucks get Drouin and a second and a third round pick. Montreal gets Pearson to play with Toffoli and some grit on the bottom lines and they get rid of the Floater Drouin . Van gets Drouin who might get motivated and a second and a third draft pick Van Reta
  6. My thoughts on Travis Green and Jake Virtanen , If you take a wild horse and and whip it into submission thats what you will get a inattentive, submissive horse afraid to do anything and unsure of its place. Green has made Jake into what he is. The team as well as Jake is molded by Green. Fire Green and you have a different Team and a different Jake. If Benning cant see this then he is truly not the man for the job.
  7. Eriksson is not giving up 6 million $ would you buying him out is their only option to get rid of him , Roussel the owner will not buy out so your stuck with him. Unless Seattle takes him . Yah Jim has us set up nicely LOL
  8. It must have been Jake's mom that wrote this ? High hockey IQ? LOL BUST, BUST
  9. Benning has drafted 7 players with 90 + games in the NHL overall 13 players total that have played more than 1 game in 7 drafts. the regime before in 7 draft years Drafted 6 players with 90 plus games and 14 players total with more than 1 game in the NHL now Benning's numbers could go up as his picks mature. B on drafting, D on signings, Cap management -FFFFFFFFFF. The goal is to win the cup . Trade any vets that you can, and send Loui to Utica
  10. Bingo, Who he drafted compared to how he could have drafted, plus one draft year without one D man being drafted. A monkey could draft as well, best player available script, its the third round and later picks that really can help build teams.
  11. In Jim Benning's tenure we have made the playoffs 2 times. With Willie and Green. Now everyone that has voted for Benning is drinking his Cool aide . Not me Drafting what a laugh His first two picks in the top 10 are, or look to be busts. All the other times he drafted the best player available according to his scouts. So how does that make him a draft genius. LOL. Now he made a couple of good trades Miller and the Toffoli trades . Then he wasted the assets for Toffoli by not resigning him a callosal blunder. Now you all say well he had no cap space . Bo Ho . He created the
  12. The difference was 1.8 mil and a better team, better Goalie better D man and a better winger , I would take that any day as far as down the road cap would worry about that down the road . JB screwed this team.
  13. You can paint this picture anyway you want. I see the picture a different way. Keeping Markstrom ,Tanev and Toffoli as the right move. But the cap you all cry and wring your hands . Markstrom is a top 5 goalie in the league in his prime, 6 million cap, will be good for 3 to 4 years cheap cap compared to other élite goals. Would be right in our wheel house when the kids are ready . Better then Demko . Canucks MVP. Leadership in the room all things that warranted keeping him. Demko could have been traded. Tanev still a good Dman, glue for Hughes. Leadership calming influence
  14. Pettersson was friends with Markstrom and Hughes the same with Tanev. Toffoli was well liked as well . JB screwed up this team and I dont think the players liked the way the out going Vets were treated. Like I said before all three could have been kept Maybe the contracts would have looked bad in three years but maybe we would have won a cup to. When you have a tight group you go with it. Holtby, Schmidt , needed not be signed Virtanen traded or not signed . the money was there. I would have traded Demko for a young D Man his value was high after the playoffs . But water under the bridge . Ri
  15. Maybe you should do your homework. Hextall is the builder of Flyers as they are now.
  16. Benning LOL . Hire some one that other GMs would respect , Hire Hextall and Gallant.
  17. I agree Hextall would be a bit of fresh air. The problem is the owners cant keep their hands out of the cookie jar
  18. This totally stinks of ownership driving the bus. OEL was the shinny new toy we didn't get . I can see not wanting to sign Markstrom but Tanev and Toffoli needed to be signed. Jake could have been traded right now he is worth a bag of pucks. JB should tattoo bend me over on his forehead now, what a joke.
  19. Your right let your MVP go for nothing . Trading Demko for a stud D man would make lots of sense. But hey anther lottery pick is coming our way.
  20. If Benning is so smart why does he have over 11 million in cap not playing?
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