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    Benning's plan

    Wow Roussel wont be sent down
  2. Craig Button knows a lot about hockey and I like his takes on players. Craig is really high on Rafferty as well. Saying he is NHL ready.
  3. vannuck59

    Benning's plan

    I would have liked to sign Leivo but oh well we move on . Unless he can trade a contract I think JB is done. Up to the kids to perform now, we shall see how his D prospects do.
  4. JB could still improve this team , via trade or signing he hasn't yet on the forward side and i think he will add yet . Toffoli should have been signed for 4.2 million we missed out now JB is gambling on Virtanen to fill the void. Clearing cap space should have been his main focus even if it cost us a draft pick or prospect.. JB watched his team come of age and mature going further into the playoffs then expected. He give up a lot for Toffoli and should have kept him. Now its let the Kids step in. I'm ok with that. A step back maybe and maybe the kids surprise. I dont think JB has the killer instinct. Time will tell.
  5. The kids are NHL ready if you dont use your prospects you will loose then to waivers you have to play them to see what you got . Simple you dont have to play all 4 at once but 2 at a time would be good. You dont know until you know what they can do. Either play them or trade them for better D. Dont Fool around
  6. We dont have room Fantenberg or Vatanen I say go with the Kids, Rafferty is NHL ready and the same with Juolevi ,Brisebois and Chatfield are ready also, no more fillers time to get the Kids going. If Green wont play them then get another coach.
  7. Three of the 5 are will be Buried anyway its a temp solution to a problem JB created .
  8. Cap compliant how so with JV and AD not signed You have a roster of Eriksson, Bartschi, Benn, Ferland and Sautner (23 man roster) on it . to make room for them you have to bury at least 4 guys and have a 21 man roster to be cap compliant Ferland will start the season on the roster and said he was healthy
  9. This would be a tough Division all Canadian !!! Van would be in tough to make the top 4 need to add a top 6 winger that can score and another right Dman that can play big and mean.
  10. The Canucks cant bring LE back he is done . The risk is bringing him back we would have to place a better young forward on waivers and Benning would be stupid to do that .
  11. What teach him how to party?
  12. Trade him, what is this day care? He is the only player that is babied get a Dman in return, play Josh Bailey or Leivo
  13. The opinion of this board and the rest of the hockey world is that this was a great trade so your opinion on this matters none
  14. Wow you cant be happy on getting a quality D-man to help us win shame on you!
  15. You forget Luke Bourdon would have been our best drafted D-Man ever, rest in peace
  16. Realy ! Schmidt will make us better and thats the name of the game. Win more games
  17. JB is not that smart. I think he is all in on AP to the tune 10.5 million for 7 years. The problem is Petro wants to go to Vegas waiting for them to clear space and will not pick Vancouver but JB is dreaming again and wont wake up until its too late.
  18. Great analogy, Benning so far has only bagged rabbits and squirrels ( small game ) no bears or wolves lets see if he can move up.
  19. Look If you want to get Hughes Killed then move him to the right side Green would never do that. The NHL is alot harder on Dman especially on their off wing. D.I.R. should stop making such bad proposals LOL. BAD
  20. I like the way you are upsetting the party line. I have always thought that Benning was way over rated. His drafting has sometimes been questionable and UFA signings somewhat a joke at times. He seems to always be a step behind. Cant make the big deal. But of late the team is coming around despite JB's poor free agent signings. Despite that Jim is doing a bit better at managing his team. Green on the other hand needs to start playing his young D that are coming up. He is too fond of his vets. Miller trade A+ Eriksson UFA signing C- BAD Roussel UFA signing C- (Not a power forward just a 4th line instigator to high of cap for what he brings ) Beagle UFA signing A ( Great at every thing he does cap is a little high for a 4th line center. ) Sutter trade C ( didn't live up to expectations ) Pearson trade B+ (Great acquisition ) Myers UFA signing B+ ( Liked it size and a little grit that can skate) Motte trade B (Not the biggest but all heart) Ferland UFA signing D ( No one did their homework on his health wasted cap ) Drafting Jim has hit it big and had some swings and misses. Virtanen and Juolevi come to mind on the misses but time will tell. But of late home runs at the draft table I would say Hughes saved his job. Lots of changes this year in the next month. Cant wait.