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  1. I would rather have Motte on the third line move Roussel to left wing fourth line a fast scoring 3rd line Pettersson - Miller - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Hoglander Motte - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - Sutter Eriksson/Hawryluk/MacEwan
  2. JB has made some bone head moves Roussel from the start was not the player we needed we needed someone tough i mean really tough, The Louongo recapture was not his fault , But not signing TT was he could have made room. The Virtanen experiment is just about over ( should have been traded) Podkolzin will replace him. Ferland has had concussion problems for awhile and should have never been signed. It is about cap management and JB does a bad job at that.
  3. Wow so you have to be a hockey player of stature to be a real hockey fan ? Bull $&!#e !!!!!!!
  4. The Canucks must be .600 or better .500 hockey wont cut it. Habs, Leaf's, Jets, Flames, and Oilers are going to be better than last year.
  5. Totally crazy I would do Virtanen straight up but not both, Gaudette could be the guy he needs more time to develope , Laughton could play center until Gaudette develops. Gaudette could produce 40 to 50 points this year about 35 points in the shorten season . if he had some wingers that could produce he could be a point per game player. Motte and Bailey come to mind. But the coach likes his vets ( Sutter Eriksson Roussel ) until the vets are traded retire or waived we are stuck with them . One good thing with the shorted season every game will be balls out or in the press box you go. Should b
  6. Sorry time to start playing the Kids send Loui to the farm.
  7. Podkolzin is the type of player we need in the Canucks top 6 and could turn out to be a great player . Players that are missing, is some true toughness and a true power forward 6,3 to 6,4 think Tom Wilson . Also a big mean right Dman . We have stars but dont have any toughness to back them up. Maybe if Bailey could play meaner and Rafferty could play meaner or more physically or Tryamkin could be that guy. Anyway as I see it this year could be building blocks to a great team . Sure we have had some misses at the draft table and we could have done better. I like where this team is headed and on
  8. As far as I understand it you must have a roster of 23 and then you can use your Taxi squad of 4 to 6 players. Must include a goalie . If Ferland is healthy I see Eriksson, Roussel, Baertchsi all waived so the can get under the cap.
  9. A roster of Miller Pettersson Ferland (if he can play) Pacioretty Horvat Boeser Motte Gaudette Bailey Hawryluk Beagle MacEwen Hughes Myers Edler Schmidt Juolevi Rafferty ( FA) Demko Holtby Taxi the rest Sutter, Roussel Eriksson Benn Graovac (FA Goalie ) JV and Bear traded / Hoglander and Pearson traded.
  10. Roussel after his playoff performance needs to be on the taxi squad . Hoglander if he makes the cut give him limited time on the third line . We need size and speed Bailey needs to have a look on Gaudette's wing. With all the back to backs and playing the same team two to three times in the span of days a little size will come in handy the older players will not meet the pace, younger replacements will push out Sutter, Eriksson, Roussel, Pearson, Edler, and Benn , I can see 4 or 5 injured players after a month of playing this suicide schedule.
  11. JB has drafted his core now he needs to pucker up make the right moves and squeeze his pinkster. He needs to add one more good D man this year until the kids can prove there worth. (not much left as far as D goes) not signing Toffoli was a huge mistake, JV may fill in and prove his worth . Podkolzin looks like he can play both ends of the ice but thats next year country. Adding another forward probably not in the cards unless he moves cap. Moving cap costs assets or picks and he said he done with that. So I think he is done unless he signs someone, a D for cheap .
  12. Merry Christmas Jan We all want to improve this team Right D depth is my main concern. Having said that I dont think Tampa does this deal. I would suggest signing Folin and Bowey to min contracts to fill in place at least one on the Taxi squad. JB could use
  13. I really wanted to sign this guy but he got more money than I thought .
  14. See ya later this is about feeding people and helping people threw tough time not your delicate sense of sight. please I could care less what was on the uniforms as long as it keeps people employed.
  15. I'm sure Halifax would love to have a NHL team there. The Halifax Canucks .
  16. Dr. Henry needs to relax about Professional sports the back lash over this would do more harm than good.
  17. Its about the fun police all you have to do is go up town and see whats going on. the nhl product would be way safer than any town in BC
  18. But he is a top line winger in your mind 10 points in 17 games average at best
  19. If he is so good why isn't he leading the league he plays in If he is so good why isn't he leading the league he plays in
  20. There is a rumor there is a good chance BC wont allow the NHL to Play in Vancouver I guess the fairness police are out in full force.so there is talk of no Canadian division because of this. IF this is true I say move the Canucks to Saskatoon or Halifax until this blows over.
  21. Hey no problem thanks for the praise . Allot of posters cant read
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