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  1. Podz was taking English lessons before we drafted him, in anticipation to playing in the NHL…..Surely, he has made some progress.
  2. At no time was I questioning his ability.
  3. Entitled was probably an inappropriate word. I just worry about two brothers wielding two much power within the room. The Sedins were special.
  4. Well, maybe it’s just me but I don’t believe that the Hughes boys have the same character as the Sedins. In fact they strike me as being a little bit entitled. Having two of them on the same team may not be the ideal scenario. This is just a feeling that I have and is not based on anything other how I read their body language. I hope I’m wrong.
  5. “ Very entirely possible “......Hmmm!
  6. How dare you imply that you know what I was implying. I was merely illustrating that an 85 year old in a retirement home might feel more of a sense of urgency when it comes to receiving the vaccine than the writer. Sorry about your Mom by the way.
  7. Are you 85 years of age and living in a retirement facility?
  8. I hope not. There are a lot of people out there who are waiting and more deserving than young professional athletes.
  9. True enough. Perhaps his media handle sounds a little bit pompous to me. I’ve always thought that…Even when he was winning the Hobey Baker award. I don’t know why you have chosen to be combative with me. I have always been a fan of Adam and have supported him since he was drafted. You would seem to have an axe to grind on this subject so I will bow out of this conversation. I hope Adam exceeds even your expectations. Happy now?
  10. Your point? I don’t have a post elimination blues. I like Adam. Burrows -esque ? That’s ambitious. I hope so. Hockey Gaud …Well that gives you away. That was a college boy…Not what we’re seeing at the moment.
  11. With all due respect.....He’s not a kid.
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