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  1. Worth the risk. When healthy he’s a star and has played well at every level. His NHL sample size isn’t much different from Demko.
  2. Kuemper was solid on a crappy team. Now he will play on a good team. I expect him to put up Vezina type numbers if he doesn’t get hurt.
  3. The reaction I'm seeing from people is as if we just paid this guy 6 mil a year. Y'all watch all of my boy Tucker's games to know he isn't worth that 2.5 mil?
  4. Can't wait to rock my Poolman jersey baby!! Let's ri-i-i-i-de.
  5. Love this deal for Carolina. When healthy he produces and should do so on a good team like Carolina.
  6. 39 points in 49 games playing with Schmaltz/Dvorak. He’s gonna be a stud for us and this deal will be a steal.
  7. Garland is a stud who produced on a bad team. Excited for him to get to play with the talent we have here. OEL is a ‘we’ll see” for me. I can’t imagine wanting to give it your all playing in a spot that has run its course. Odd he signed that long deal but looking forward he will no doubt be better simply by being somewhere he is wanted and excited to be.
  8. Schmidt is a beauty. Can't wait for this infectious personality to be in the locker room.
  9. Let’s go!!!!!! He will log top minutes for us and he’s got a great personality for this locker room.
  10. Another bullet dodged. Blows my mind how people want to play for a franchise that shows no loyalty to players that sign with them.
  11. Y'all need to take a deep breath and enjoy some of that fine Canada marijuana. There is still a lot that will happen before the season. We weren't winning the cup fielding the same team as last year. And deep down we all know we weren't winning the cup this upcoming year anyway. Toffoli hurts but new blood is needed. Those Tanev and Markstrom contracts are scary and I'm glad we passed. This is a longer term process. Petey and Hughes aren't getting $10M next year and we'll have a lot off the books to go about this in a better way. We need to be patient
  12. Going to miss Tanny but this was his first year staying healthy in a while. Think the right call was made here.
  13. Making room for South Florida's own Andrew Peeke to stay in that lineup in Columbus.
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