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  1. I'm working on my own business, want to attract more customers and break new ground.
  2. What are your online businesses and how exactly do you make money?
  3. What is your absolutely favorite quote you've heard?
  4. useful info, English is my second language and writing is not my strong suit. I study chemistry abroad right now. It's not so easy but I found service for chemistry homework help. These guys helped me to get the highest score in the class. Useful service for foreign students.
  5. I just started the final season of Bosch, 9/10
  6. Three Kings - 8/10 Somehow I've missed this movie, but damn glad I have got round to watching it. Brilliant stuff.
  7. I've been on several dating sites off and on for a few years now with no luck.Wanna try again. Share your experience good or bad
  8. iPhone 12, love it. There are many cool apps available for ios. I started using automatic call recorder to save and record my calls. Now it's one of my favorite apps for iphone. I can easily turn my phone conversations into handy voice notes for later use. And I don't need to have a notebook and write important details that come up in a phone conversation.
  9. I use many apps every day Instagram, WhatsApp, FB and my favorite one is pdf scanner app. With its help I can scan and save any document in PDF and JPEG format and share it with your colleagues and friends.I use it almost every day. It also can turn any image into text in seconds with OCR function.
  10. Watched Greenland Saturday, extremely good film, not your usual disaster movie, was very impressed, 9/10.
  11. Guys I just played Google Snake. I just realised that they added game modes... To. Snake.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9BwWKXjVaI
  13. I play GTA 5 and League of Legends right now. With double vpn veepn I can bypass all restrictions and get access to the blocked sites. That's convy. Plus it provides a high level of security. Useful tool for every gamer.
  14. Rewatched Lincoln for the first time in a few years. I forgot how many good actors are in it. 9/10
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