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  1. Been more prepared with a process in place to ensure the billions given away to assist legitimate persons that lost jobs were not being given to fraudulent persons. There is already tons of evidence showing high levels of fraud to the point where the government is now threatening to jail people or fine them. The government was completely ill prepared for this huge dispersal of funds.
  2. ...so you are just getting the top up trudeau is giving to all seniors....
  3. Yep. Good ole justin has opened up my wallet, yours, and every other taxpayers and told those that don't want to work to just reach in as many times as they want.
  4. I know hindsight is 20-20. I am not totally sure of what the answer is. But I do know that if we completely destroy the economy over this, things are going to get a hell of a lot worse for hundreds of thousands of people....not just 167.
  5. My comment with respect to turdeau is the 200 billion dollars he continues to give away and he increases it every other day.
  6. Since January, on average about 16,250 people have died from all causes in British Columbia (3000-3500 per month on average). 167, or 1% has been from covid. Media needs to quit fear mongering and politicians need some common sense. Unfortunately, that turd trudeau will destroy Canada before this is all done.
  7. Hopefully 1 of the permanent changes from covid-19 is that LE never plays hockey for the Canucks again.
  8. Tanev played all 69 games this year.
  9. ...YEAH...why would you want to keep your best defensive D man that just had a great season playing with Hughes..... lol
  10. Poor ole billionaires. What will they do??!!
  11. I suppose it was an easy mistake to make considering 38% of Russian males are named Nikita!!
  12. ...and others learned a while ago no reason to panic. We are doing very well in BC. Panic is not worth the energy and facts don't support it.
  13. Pretty clear that tryamkin cannot play for the Canucks until next season.
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