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  1. What? Who said model our entire country after the broken US system? I have not seen anyone type that. You making stuff up there pal? Having secure guarded mental health facilities like we used to have in Canada, like the US has, is what I said. You get a 1 / 10 for reading comprehension. I only have you a 1 cuz I feel sorry for you.
  2. True. But in other countries like the USA he would be in a secure guarded mental hospital for the rest of his life. Most provinces have totally gotten rid of those facilities so the most violent crazy people get to basically walk around all they want. It was a result of huge cut backs regarding mental health funding back in the 90s. Hell...that is why police end up having to deal with mental health issues 50% of their shifts. Provinces don't fulfill their obligations regarding mental health anymore.
  3. Man I sure hope JB is able to keep Toffoli. This will be the best top 6 we have had in forever. Even when we had the Sedins in 2011 we always needed another legit top 6 that we were never really able to get.
  4. Been more prepared with a process in place to ensure the billions given away to assist legitimate persons that lost jobs were not being given to fraudulent persons. There is already tons of evidence showing high levels of fraud to the point where the government is now threatening to jail people or fine them. The government was completely ill prepared for this huge dispersal of funds.
  5. ...so you are just getting the top up trudeau is giving to all seniors....
  6. Yep. Disgusting. The guy should have been executed or been shoved into solitary for the next 50 years. Vince Li, who now goes by the name Will Baker, beheaded and cannibalized a fellow passenger, Tim McLean, on a bus just outside Portage la Prairie on July 30, 2008.
  7. Yep. Good ole justin has opened up my wallet, yours, and every other taxpayers and told those that don't want to work to just reach in as many times as they want.
  8. Haha...wow. Talk about hypocrites!! Crying about inclusiveness constantly about pride events and then banning specific groups haha. Pathetic.
  9. I know hindsight is 20-20. I am not totally sure of what the answer is. But I do know that if we completely destroy the economy over this, things are going to get a hell of a lot worse for hundreds of thousands of people....not just 167.
  10. My comment with respect to turdeau is the 200 billion dollars he continues to give away and he increases it every other day.
  11. Since January, on average about 16,250 people have died from all causes in British Columbia (3000-3500 per month on average). 167, or 1% has been from covid. Media needs to quit fear mongering and politicians need some common sense. Unfortunately, that turd trudeau will destroy Canada before this is all done.
  12. The "justice" system in Canada, sorry, I mean the legal system in Canada is broken. The socialist judges stopped punishing people for crime. When that happened and the socialists decided they needed to try to fix scumbags and thieves, it was open season for thieves, junkies, and criminals. Police do their best but like you say, many may say "why bother" when Crown won't even approve charges and judges don't send even violent criminals to jail for appropriate lengths of time. These idiot judges need to be fired and hire people who will apply the Criminal Code jail times as stated.
  13. Hopefully 1 of the permanent changes from covid-19 is that LE never plays hockey for the Canucks again.
  14. You don't always get the province you want. However, those from BC usually do because most recruits come here because there are many large mountie detachments in the LMD. What is going on now will certainly deter people from putting in. The RCMP was federally regulated and could not start a union until several court challenges allowed them to recently. It allowed the feds to control salary hikes. I hope some good young people continue to apply though and I wish good luck to you.
  15. So for all you keyboard crusaders out there typing about racism and wanting to tear down statues of guys like Churchill and McDonald, if you really want to learn something, why don't you do two simple things: 1. Write down your lineage (Brit, Japanese, african, south american, etc), and 2. Write down your profession (if you have one - if you don't just do #1). Now go google what atrocities your ancestors committed and go google the worst ever crimes someone in your profession has done. Now paint every single person of that lineage and profession the same as that worst criminal. That is what is happening right now. Greek Roman Egyptian Hungarian native north american French Brit German Brazilian AND policeman doctor denturist truck driver forestry worker shoe crafter laborer You can pick a person from any lineage and a person from any profession and show they are monsters. Now go paint everyone else with the profession and lineage with the same brush. That is what is happening in the world right now. I know most of you won't bother.
  16. He held a gun to a pregnant ladies stomach while he robbed her. You go ahead and forgive him. I won't. You go ahead and pray to him as a savior....I won't. Edit: and just for those who have no reading comprehension...just because I think floyd was a scumbag (he was high when they got him) I still think the police that murdered him should go to prison.....if I wasn't clear enough the first dozen times. Edit2: he turned his life around eh? He had drugs on him when he was caught and he had counterfeit currency on him when caught. Yah...real turn around lol...I suppose it is better than pointing a loaded gun at a pregnant lady while robbing her.
  17. No force is getting the volume of applicants they one did. They used to get hundreds of applicants for one position. Now they get way way way less.... Most smart talented individuals will look at what the public is putting the police through and say "Why would I do that? So I can get s&^% on?". Even though many young people still want to serve their community. A tiny tiny percentage of police are bad yet media shows those stories over and over. I don't see media replaying story after story of reporters that raped or killed people over and over.....hmmm.....or any other profession.
  18. The RCMP has paid their recruits to get trained for decades except for a few years in the 90s. They do in depth background checks and so do Municipal Departments. I see the uninformed on here screaming that cops should have to undergo psych exams before they are hired and get proper training in de-escalation. They get both and have for years. Go "defund" police sheeple....lol. PS: most undergo polygraph exams before hiring also. The ones that do stupid s&%$ usually go bad after the hiring process in Canada. In the USA some police departments don't even give their new cops training unless they last a year. In the dark years in New Orleans when they had the most corrupt police force in the USA, your qualifications to get hired were that you had to have your own pistol and if you lasted a year you got training. And they paid you $13,000 a year to boot...that was in the 90s. Geee...I wonder why so many police in the USA go sideways....
  19. I would say there is NO way Chauvin gets judged as not guilty... ...but then OJ Simpson cut his ex wifes head clean off and a glove from a hardware store got him off. amurika is burning....
  20. floyd does not deserve to be remembered as someone who did good for society. He was a lifelong scumbag criminal. The leftists want to tear down Churchill's good name in history but elevate floyds? What a bizarre bunch of hypocrites. ...and yes, the police that murdered floyd need to be sent to prison...just like floyd was sent to prison when he held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach. All criminals should go to jail.
  21. The leftists will keep going till they burn history and order to the ground.
  22. Tanev played all 69 games this year.
  23. What a bizarre thing to type. If you want to trade Petey and Hughes maybe you should find another team. I want to watch both those superstars for years on my Canucks team.
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