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  1. Ahhh yes there's Me_ out of the shadows with absolutely nothing to contribute as usual lol. Go find a safe place for the night. or at least someone who agrees with you....follow your own advice maybe? Not doing a great job at avoiding are you, I'll call you out any chance I get because you make it easy haha.
  2. Settle down partner, I just asked you a simple question that's all. Just asked you to elaborate one of your statements, if you take that at criticism that's on you, not me.
  3. Politically motivated hey? What is political about it?
  4. Statistically he did not have a great year last year, but doesn't worry me. His resume speaks for itself.
  5. To be fair, Benning "learning from his mistakes" and finally heaving a decent off season kind of vindicates the anit-Benning crowd as your acknowledging they've had some good points and things to be unhappy with up until now lol.
  6. It was likely a side deal, or being discussed prior to the draft - not uncommon in expansion. Kraken essentially got a free 2nd round pick and still have their #1 goalie.
  7. Exactly, after the expansion draft I kept telling people this is NOT what the Kraken lineup will look like opening night...they'll be active and I imagine they aren't done yet as they still have around $16 million to spend.
  8. Jim Benning drinking Wild Turkey wearing a Tapout t-shirt while hammering through these signing's today. Now take Petey and Huggy to No.5 Orange and make them put pen to paper, after a lapper of course.
  9. Jesus Christ, that has to make him one of the most grossly overpaid in the league......24 points and a -28 and he's worth 7.5??!
  10. That's a long contract for a grey hair lol....it's Ovie though shouldn't be shocked....I still would worry about the length but that's a future team problem I guess.
  11. How do you know they will be bridge contracts? Garland just signed for 5 years (not a bridge), I agree our rebuild is likely close to over - but getting rid of your two top prospects is awfully short sighted when you factor in we just went through the better part of 10 years of mediocrity to get them. Even if we added Werenski, we still aren't on the level of Boston, Tampa, Carolina, Vegas, Colorado etc. We aren't at that level yet, and getting rid of Podkolzin and Rathbone won't make us better losing depth - they will likely be part of our core for years to come....the good teams all have depth - we are short on 4th line and D depth right now so we can't really give anything up. We have to add free agents to do this. We need to re-sign Hughes We need to re-sign Petey We need at least 2 more players to fill out 4th line We need a backup goalie We need at least 2 more defenseman assuming Schmidt get's traded All this needs to be done with about $20 million in cap space We will not be on the level of those teams above lol
  12. Even if you hate Jimbo, it's going to be tough to argue against what he's done so far. Their arguments should be pretty creative at least.....
  13. He was a free agent yes, but seeing how he lives in B.C, played Junior in B.C and may come back leads me to believe he left for Tampa because the Canucks either didn't offer him another contract or it wasn't as much as Tampa offered. I'm not sure of the specifics but I doubt he "chose" to leave other than those reasons.
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