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  1. Hey, I'm just quoting JB. Or maybe Poolman's tinder profile. I actually don't know where that came from
  2. Like Landeskog, if he doesn't sign the 7x7 offer from the Avs. But facing Petey 7 times a season for the next 6 or 7 years...
  3. Why does everyone assume the offer sheet would come from Mtl? I'm more worried about Seattle: all that cap space, looking to make a splash and screw over a division rival in the process...
  4. Like joint custody. Kraken get him Wednesday nights and every other Saturday. Oilers get him the rest of the time.
  5. The hockey gods will punish a team that fails to capitalize on a 2-min 5-on-3
  6. Huh. One time in a bar I had a hairless girl spill beer on my top.
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