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  1. That was pretty much the one thing that kept him out of a top 3 spot, aside from the russian factor/contract situation. He could be another high value pick like Hughes was.
  2. Interesting to note is that Ferland and Miller would have been 4th and 5th on Canucks scoring this season.
  3. Half agree with you. I think Tom Wilson doesn't fit into the old school goon category because he provides a lot of other utilities other than fighting. He played with Ovechkin and Kuznetsov quite a bit last season and did well in that spot.
  4. In relation to the drops in his production in various leagues this season, all of the leagues he excelled and was over PPG in was NA ice. Bodes well for when we comes over. He's built for NHL sized rinks.
  5. Interesting... I wouldn't trade our young high draft pick core players for NYs + the depth picks..
  6. My top 2 picks around our area is Krebs and Newhook. Canucks need more play drivers that can carry the puck into the opponents zone and make a play. Krebs and Newhook are those guys.
  7. Given the Canucks picking trends the past few drafts towards skill / speed / character. I see these players as the ones they are targeting: 1. Krebs 2. Newhook 3. Zegras
  8. I think it's about where is the most ideal landing spot for the player not which is the best player for the team.
  9. I think most teams are doing best player available, but each of them just have different lists.
  10. Sounds like he wants to play in the NHL but is waiting until his game rounds out and also matures as a man. Probably going to take the Kuznetsov route. I think he feels he can develop his game more in Russia at this stage in his life and not worry about living in a new country, learning the language, etc..
  11. Hope Pearson can solidify his spot on Bo's wing and get around 20+ goals next year.
  12. Any way this guy will come to the AHL next season? We need centres down in Utica
  13. During one of Pearson's interviews, he said that Pitts and Van play really similar systems which is why he got really comfortable early. I think Pitts forwards are just skilled enough to get to loose pucks faster / know where to be to support their players because of experience.
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