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  1. That was easy. Summed it up perfectly succintly, thankyouverymuch. Saved me 28 pages of reading too.
  2. That's actually not even a joke really. I wonder if they have a backup plan. A getaway helicopter or something? Maybe a submarine up the Fraser River?
  3. Now that you mention I did hear him say that a few times. Also, he has a son the same age as some of the red wing players. And on and on.... blah blah blah, can we just eat dinner now? I'm getting agitated again. Starting to feel like Al Bundy in Married With Children.
  4. Hirsch is like a girlfriend who won't shut up. I find myself just thinking and saying 'shut up' over and over again and tuning him out. (although he wasn't as bad as last game, I'll give him that).
  5. - Fun team! Fun game both teams, but mostly nux! Well the first two periods were boring as hell, but, again, they got better and started to gel. - Nucks are starting to dominate games 5v5 and that's a huge thing that will eventually turn into a something good. Haven't seen them win on the shot clock in a loooong time. - They're clearly still figuring each other out out there, pretty cool watching the chemistry build in real time. Some of the playmaking between all that talent really started to get fun out there. - This really is a brand new team now going forward, start of a new era. - TG puttting Rathbone out a lot this game, appeared to have shortened his D corps for the 3rd AND put OEL and QH together. What a unique luxury to be able to start to play with. Rathbone was awesome, changes everything back there. - yes powerplay needs a lot of work, not moving. - They're just getting started, this will be fun to watch in the coming weeks.
  6. True, good eye! I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of! Yaaaaa guuud guuud - but can he speak like Jannik?!
  7. I'm just kidding with ya', I really have no intention to keep doing this. I've been trying to disengage in this silly 'argument' for seventeen posts now. I should have scrolled by. Carry on!
  8. Well - they (the Canucks) got scored on immediately after to blow their win. That was the original point if I recall. Maybe you didn't watch the game. Go to bed, it's getting late. Can't believe I'm arguing with a six year old at bedtime.
  9. I didn't have to 'win', and wasn't trying to. You just make no sense. Not even a little. Carry on though, keep fighting the good fight!
  10. well - if you're the guy losing the fight - or the current momentum - you sure as hell welcome the chance to reset and quell the momentum before continuing to get beat on. Can't believe you're actually making arguments out of this. There's lots of real things to talk about it, and most of them aren't important either. But this takes the cake!
  11. Yeah agree, he's annoying. Always talks about 'the goalie angle' and himself or his past experiences. Don't care. Timing was off as you mentioned above.
  12. true. his 'weakness' that he's had this past year or so seems to be inside the offensive blue line on his left wing - just seems to fumble it, lose focus, or make bad passes a lot. Not sure why, but that seems to be where he has been struggling to my eye. Including tonight a few times. But he sharpened up and does make up for it. I think he, and a lot of the players, really hated not playing for actual fans this past year. Don't think you can underestimate that. Not a lot of fun, and not a lot of point to it really.
  13. I can't believe you're still having this conversation with him. I think you won this before you even had to reply. I didn't even bother it's so silly.
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