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  1. Let's lock this up and move on. Speculation drives too much paranoia around here
  2. What is it good for? ABOSULUTELY NOTHING
  3. "Boner slides it to Fanny, back to Boner, an explosive ripper from the top of the crease and Boner puts it home."
  4. Just let Ian Clark do what he does. He'll be alright.
  5. Offensive: 1. Huges 2. Edler 3. Myers 4. Stecher 5. Benn 6. Tanev Defensive 1. Tanev 2. Edler 3. Benn 4. Myers 5. Hughes 6. Stecher I think Quin on the defensive side will be the biggest wildcard. A part of me thinks/Hope's I've ranked him too low.
  6. This board cries regularly about needing defensemen-who tend to adapt to the NHL and hit their prime later in their career. The same people are ready to crucify OJ for being a "failure" at 21. It's rare to for dmen to play meaningful minutes in the NHL at the age of 20 or 21. Young forwards putting up points in sheltered roles has become increasingly the way the league is trending. Defense as a position is much more nuanced, and we should be happy that OJ has gone through the steps to learn a lot of the little details he would have been lambasted for had he stepped into the league as a 19 or 20 yo. As this team develops into a contender over the next 2-4 years, I think were going to see a lot of growth in Olli and he will become a steady, all-around defenseman for us for years to come. However, we won't get to know if we drive him out of town before he gets here.
  7. It's still beyond me why the islanders wouldn't re-sign Lehner for 5 mill, but will give it to this clown for 4 years
  8. Benn-Petterson-Boeser Miller-Horvat-Baer/Goldy/Virt/Pearson we can dream
  9. Good depth and hopefully a good locker room guy. Like that were adding some size and hopefully a little pushback. We're going to be a fun team to watch next year.
  10. This signing will be huge for the development of our new D-Core, and it came at a reasonable price and term. Tough to ask for more in free agency. Excited to see us add some depth to our blueline today.
  11. Not to mention he can go straight to the nickname hall of fame if "Fanny" sticks.
  12. This signing will be huge based solely on the minutes Myers will eat up. Hes never averaged less than 20 minutes toi in his career and that should help the younger defenseman adjust and (hopefully) take some pressure off our two brittle beauty's in eddy and tan. Love em but they have durability records only surpassed by Salo.