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  1. I think the biggest problem is that PP is not shooting from the point enough. The most chaos you can generate for the opponent is to have a very hard low shot at the goalie, producing rebounds, everyone scrambles and the goalie is hanging on for his dear life. While many PP goals are scored with perfectly placed passes and shots many others were scored with broken plays and rebounds. They need to simplify the PP.
  2. Who knows. Maybe if he stayed he would have so much chemistry with our guys that the league would compel a mandatory drug test to assuage suspicions. J.B. put the team in a bad position that summer, so he had to gamble. He lost the Tanev bet but seemingly won the Demko bet so far. J.B. wasn't even worried about resigning Toffoli because he was praying that Gaudette and Virtanen would take the next step.
  3. Personally I am OK with the Toffoli trade when the trade was made. I knew at the time that Toffoli may walk because cap crunch was coming that summer. If you try to be objective you have to acknowledge that teams that lose all the time tend to develop a loser mentality. Players may accept losing and develop bad habits, suffer from PTSD and have a fragile psyche, or simply request a trade or refuse to extend their contracts. It was clear that J.B. had to make the trade after Boeser's injury. It would have been mentally devastating if all the expectation, good will and hard work for that year was for naught. It would have damaged the team's relationship with the then newly acquired J.T. Miller as well as captain Horvat. Players are not machines. Treating them simply as assets to manage has derailed a lot of rebuilds. This is not to say that J.B. has not made big mistakes and put the team in tough positions. However, I am very glad that J.B. appreciates the human aspect of his job. This is one of the biggest differences between real life and video games. The best thing about J.B. is that he is an average G.M., which means that he is intelligent, competent and may succeed more than he fails. However, average is difficult for many people to accept. The problem is that exceptional by definition is rare, not apparently available, and difficult to acquire. Mediocrity is very abundant. It is more likely that the replacement for J.B. is a mediocre guy than an exceptional unicorn.
  4. I am very surprised with all the financial resources the Leafs did not hire psychologists and hypnotists to rewire their players' brains. The players are clearly suffering from PTSD.
  5. I was waiting for OEL to make mistakes all game. Nothing, none, zero
  6. His confidence is lower because it is justified. Opponents check him tighter, give him less space. They block his shots and put sticks in passing lanes. PK units and goalies know what he is going to do. He is too slight to get in front of the net to deflect point shots and score garbage goals. He has not gained muscle weight nor speed for his skating. He is the rabbit out of the hat. Every super star go through this phase. A few actually managed to improve their game to surpass the opponents. Look at how McDavid improves each and every year. In terms of growth, Brock Boeser far exceeds Pettersson. Boeser has reinvented himself into a 2 way goal scorer.
  7. Good points. From what I understand Dallas has an empty cupboard without any elite prospects. Klingberg's contract extension is coming up and he would question whether he wants to stay in Dallas for the rest of his career. Dallas will have lots of cap space next summer. By adding J.T. Miller and using next summer's cap space to add additional forward pieces they can convince Klingberg to stay at a reasonable price and go for the Cup once again. Dallas at this point has no intention to tank and rebuild. They have to move forward. Long term wise, it seems that Vancouver has identified an internal cap structure for future years. Certain cap spaces are already taken up or to be reserved for future contract extensions. I am personally not convinced that J.T. Miller has a secure spot as a part of this internal cap structure. If I am correct, J.B. would consider trading J.T. Miller if the price is right. Due to cap space restrictions, 1st round draft picks especially for what is reputed to be a good draft year tend to hold better values as trade chips. It would be easier for Vancouver to offer 2022 1st round pick for a top 4 RD than offering J.T. Miller with his cap hit.
  8. Assuming that NMC is waived: To Vancouver: Jamie Benn, Dallas retaining $4M per year and 2022 1st round pick. To Dallas: J.T. Miller, 2022 3rd round pick, 2023 3rd round pick, if the 2022 1st round pick to Vancouver is top 3 then Vancouver gives 2023 2nd round pick instead of 3rd round pick. Dallas gets a younger offensive winger who can also play centre. He can play on the top line as a winger or on the 2nd line as a centre. In 2 years, they can extend Miller or have $5.25M of cap space. Vancouver gets a veteran sturdy winger with Cup Finals experience, with a cap hit of $5.5M for 4 more years. This would also hopefully allow for more minutes for Vasily Podkolzin on the top line. Currently in 4 games, Seguin has 0 point, Radulov, Pavelski and Benn have 1 point each. None of these 4 players scored a goal. J.T. Miller has 6 points in 5 games so far even though his play has been questionable in Vancouver.
  9. Yes Pettersson is overrated. However, look at Nathan Mckinnon's stats for his first 5 seasons. How long did it take him to get 97 points? Career Stats Season Team GP G A P +/- PIM PPG PPP SHG SHP GWG OTG S S% FO% 2013-2014 COL 82 24 39 63 20 26 8 17 0 0 5 0 241 9.96 42.92 2014-2015 COL 64 14 24 38 -7 34 3 7 0 0 2 0 192 7.29 46.96 2015-2016 COL 72 21 31 52 -4 20 7 16 0 1 6 0 245 8.57 48.42 2016-2017 COL 82 16 37 53 -14 16 2 14 2 2 4 2 251 6.37 50.56 2017-2018 COL 74 39 58 97 11 55 12 32 0 1 12 3 284 13.73 41.92
  10. Yes. I am open to firing Green down the road. However, people need to recall that prior to the bubble play in games, the coaching staff had a short training camp to prepare the squad for the playoffs. They overachieved in the playoffs with surprisingly competent defence. We need to wait and see after a home stretch with practices to see whether this coaching staff can improve the defence and PP. Nonetheless, Jason King should be fired immediately for doing nothing different for the PP.
  11. I agree with you. This is too early to judge. Many many great NHL coaches were fired. In 2011, the Boston Bruins was struggling to make the playoffs and the fanbase was asking for the GM and coach to be canned. Eventually they won the Stanley Cup that year. However, it is also reasonable for Canucks ownership to ask questions and find out whether Green is a good fit for this team or perhaps a different NHL team.
  12. I am open to firing Green but not before they have had several practices at home. This road trip as well as the eventful training camp took away time from the coaching staff to prepare the team defensively. I have to say that if all Jason King does is to maintain the same looks for the PP from last year then he must be fired. Green needs to have Miller on the wing not centre. He needs to play Podkolzin more because he is defensively responsible and has that rookie drive to go to the net. Green needs to rely less on Hoglander because he dangles a lot but fails to make effective passes and can’t shoot. Kyle Bourroughs is more reliable than Schenn and Hunt.
  13. You have to appreciate that a lot of people are struggling in their lives. Wishing for the Canucks to lose or hating J.B. are not for hockey reasons but for personal emotional release. This is for sure healthier than turning to alcohol or drugs. However, I hope they get better in their lives and start enjoying hockey without personal baggage.
  14. Just curious, what was the knock on him as a prospect?
  15. Zadorov was pretty bad in the Flames Oilers game. He had trouble retrieving the puck and getting it out. Compared to him, Kyle Burroughs should be considered for the Norris Trophy for his D zone play and offensive instincts Eric Gudbranson was surprisingly competent.
  16. He is also fairly quick getting to the puck, much quicker than Juolevi. He had fewer brain dead moments than Luke Schenn. He handled pressure from opposing forechecks better than Brad Hunt. I am very impressed how confident he is with the puck.
  17. Ya, now that the flood gate is open, all Boston players will ask for the maximum for their next contract.
  18. As I mentioned previously J.B. is unlikely to be the G.M. who wins the Cup with the Canucks. Most teams have to switch G.M.'s couple of times before eventually getting it done. The G.M. who drafted the core players is unlikely to be the one who sticks around long enough to win. J.B. is an average NHL G.M. which means that he is very intelligent and capable. Average G.M.'s are not easy to replace. By definition it is very difficult to find exceptional G.M.'s available for hire. Most teams should be thankful that their G.M.'s are average rather than incompetent. Do you need an exceptional G.M. to win the Cup? Nope. Will an exceptional G.M. guarantee a Stanley Cup win? Nope.
  19. OEL played like a young Alex Edler tonight. He is so far worth the cap hit.
  20. Bourroughs played a great steady game tonight, the type of game that Luke Schenn failed to display during the preseaon with Rathbone.
  21. Yup. A big fast defensively responsible Finnish winger. Reminds me of the Tyler Motte trade.
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