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  1. Right ..the old misinformation thing again like FB did with the Wuhan Leak no leak..lmao How many athletes need to drop before it's not misinformation anymore..another football player died just a few days ago.Im going to say now based on VAERS reports alone that the over will be 20 for jab related injuries to NHL players alone this year.
  2. His body..his choice ..good on him for keeping to his convictions.Travis doesn't need the money and these mandates came in after he signed ..so if he retires then that is his right to do so.No one should be coerced to do something against their will.
  3. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210803/Unvaccinated-and-vaccinated-have-similar-viral-load-in-communities-high-in-SARS-CoV-2-delta.aspx
  4. Heres your answer to the propoganda https://newtube.app/The_Angry_Albertan/nQcyRB4?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=5c0ae5dd9423bdcc90c5737c203bb67e426fe4fc-1618273756-0-AfER8pANUjFtVuWacbkVi2I0_WP9TT0AiTwArFr3bGV2qzY7_CAry3Xwu6f1szXzBt-tRo3xewInAptfZcoqivoI4XRpFh4YF0URKHdNEC-e9ul2JkHDvMI2K0j1d5Vo6kLjyi6V586hINDT9vZRcRE_NIJRYwtpW1eBY1hy4TcE9hwcDEJ1T8u-dWw5Tfs_cQUhZe_zWIGGCIlwc_H-0V9518xp0wI6Ot4bm7ZoZutMVe-o8I_mlnPGlAxTkgo97opBw44fpCE7l3vugXCPS-Px5oYmvQJ3sRJiHwgzCexLKsoq3KGua3kCpllZ74IaQ_wCPHxnS-xUsDBHr28kha3KErLfs8UlQYbRsq2p0XnrYe9tuIL3x28tJWM4MFP5BhGYMeQOyx-BJaSsfO4LMZDe7DPr0govyI8MU2Vl3vhEYBN5kx2IrJ2fRabHA4CEr7extJC57WT50ndQjJjMU-DfRLj2Iwfq_kFzq4jzvn4e
  5. Jake for a bag of pucks if we get lucky and suck someone into that deal
  6. thats what a real power play looks like ..Without demeer we'd be down 5 zip so far
  7. It's impossible to take anyone serious who can't string together a simple sentence or two of English. "What use is a guy that? That idjit JB shoulda got one of the guys what scored the goal. "
  8. Holtby looks small in net and moves like a dinosaur..more Demko please!
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