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  1. Jake for a bag of pucks if we get lucky and suck someone into that deal
  2. thats what a real power play looks like ..Without demeer we'd be down 5 zip so far
  3. It's impossible to take anyone serious who can't string together a simple sentence or two of English. "What use is a guy that? That idjit JB shoulda got one of the guys what scored the goal. "
  4. Holtby looks small in net and moves like a dinosaur..more Demko please!
  5. That power play was like stepping in a pile if dog $&!#e and then walking on your brand new wool throw rug..the stench and stain wont go away
  6. Every penalty kill old man Edler is swimming on yhe ice trying to block the pass
  7. Sort of pissed travis never tried him once even after praising his camp debut.Id like to see Marc Machales as well before they send him out for conditioning.At this point I'd say flush the veterans who are gone by years end and try these guys out.Travis isnt willing to because hes a lame duck coach....that's on the owners
  8. When are we sitting Rousel and getting a look at Hawrlyk or Machealis ..I think it's time
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