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  1. In your own words " young man " as in 18 years old.Lots of time to mature ..think of where you were as an 18 year old...assuming your much older and mature now.
  2. Ask Edmonton how that worked with not surrounding the rookies with vets with leadership qualities.Every GM has made many a mistake in their tenure , I'm sure Jim will call Louie one of them.Its pretty funny reading the posts before and after the Schmidt signing..typical Canuck fans in panic mode when the season is still 3 months away.Lots of time to make some more moves.
  3. He's just trolling for attention.Armchair GMs with hindsight everywhere these days loving to hate.
  4. Arizona will be down 8plus million on OEL and 6 million on Taylor Hall so closer to the floor than some think.If we get OEL then we are not signing Tanev, so in reality if we get Arizona to eat a couple million and don't pay Tanev 4 million then it's only a couple million more for OEL
  5. So your saying he was "taxed heavily on the first $31 million and didn't make lots of it ...but ..wait for it......the last 5 million will be different ??? In your own words the last 5 million isn't 5 million either so he's not really walking away from that amount but far less ??
  6. Look what Dallas did when they through that Finnish kid in..he had tons of energy and potted a hatty
  7. I wish TG would have thrown some of the black aces in for fresh legs yesterday knowing that a few if his guys were spent
  8. Can any player look demmer in the eyes and say they are giving their best ?
  9. My grandmother could skate quicker to the puck than 90% of the team tonight.They are wasting a brilliant goalie performance by demmer.Brick looks like he has a piano tied to his azz
  10. Hot garbage that period..get of the fricking mat and move your legs boyz