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  1. I don't think you'd find many Canucks fans who disagree with you about letting assets walk for nothing in the past. I would guess most feel the same and agree when the Sedin era was ending we should have been trying to stockpile the draft picks and commit to a rebuild. But you're comparing where the Canucks have been at over the past 7 years to where they are now. This isn't a team in a rebuild anymore, we are trying to create a winning culture and while I don't think the team is a cup contender yet I definitely think they should be making the playoffs. Yes it would a
  2. I'm excited about Rathbone and damn I am surprised by how high a lot of people here are on him. That's really great and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him then. However, maybe I'm in the minority but I definitely expect OJ to be the 3rd pairing LD. I thought he looked solid for a rookie coming off a big injury last year and the biggest issue was the coach didn't play him enough and he didn't play in the AHL, so it was not a productive year. This year feels like the make or break year for OJ and I am hoping he gets a lot of NHL games in, so everyone can get a better idea of
  3. So excited for Olli, hope he gets a full season in of playing.
  4. Super excited about Podz, but the fanbase should really try to keep expectations in line. He was a 4th liner in the KHL for the most part. I know he deserved more time than he got, but at the end of the day he was typically in the bottom 6 in the KHL. Expecting him to make the move to NA and play in a better league in the top 6 right away is a lot of pressure to place on this kid. Garland is not playing 3rd line, at least to start the season. If things go bad then who knows, but he will be and I think should be Bo's winger. I say give Hoglander the LW line 2 spot and move Pearson
  5. Like most here Bure is my choice also. Just such an elite offensive player, would put up massive points in the NHL today where you can't be grabbed and hooked constantly. Someone I was considering though for our team today would be a guy like Ohlund. There are definitely better players on the list of course include better offensive defensemen, however if we look at our team right now what are we missing and I think it is Ohlund (especially if he was a right shot haha). A big strong Defense that is tough to play against and is very physical. Would be a great partner to someone like
  6. Yeah that's fair maybe the changes won't work and we'll get the same struggling/can't keep the puck out of our end or net type of defense we have had before. I think Hamonic should be better than last season since he was injured to start and it was the covid year. I don't know anything about Poolman so I'll go with what you're saying and he's a bottom pairing guy that won't have much impact in the grand scheme of things. I suppose we'll see how this group does compared to last years group. I do think OEL is an exciting risk that could pay off and having two offensive LD might help
  7. I dunno it sure feels like you are just assuming all the worst things happen to our new D group next season. Sure if everyone on D sucks we'll be bad. Hughes is only getting better, but we also know his role isn't purely defensive he is an elite offensive defensemen. Saying Rathbone is a rookie doesn't mean anything. Even if you just look at our team, look at what rookies have done in the last few years. I personally think Meyers had a decent season last year on a bad defensive team. Has some bite to his play and skates well for his size. I think he'll pair with OEL and
  8. Overall I think this was a really fun and exciting offseason for Benning. Still needs to sign those last 4 (Peaty, Hughes, Dickinson, Oli) contracts and hopefully he is able to pull it off and get good/fair price and term. OEL is obviously the biggest risk and depending on how he plays will determine a lot when looking back on Benning's time as GM. But damn that forward group looks sweet and I think our D is way more balanced. Schmidt clearly wasn't a fit (not saying he isn't a great top 4 Dman still) and everyone complained about Edler being too slow and old (especially in relation to his
  9. It's too bad they couldn't move him even for a late pick or something. However, if it helps with all the signings we have to do this offseason I think it will be worth it. Next off season should be easier thankfully with only Boeser as the big contract to sign. This season we just need to find a cheap back up for a million or two. I think next season they should start going with Michael DiPietro. He will be getting a new short term cheap contract after this season and I think will be around 23. We've only been hearing good things about Mikey so far I would say, so I t
  10. I'm pretty torn on this trade as many others are. I don't know OEL well (he was in Arizona after all), used to hear great things about his play and over the last year or so mainly negative talk around him and his contract. Garland sounds like he is a great addition. I would like this more if we could have gotten them to retain a little more salary on OEL or if we didn't have to add in the 2nd next year. Does anyone know if Garland likely has already agreed on an extension with Vancouver?
  11. I'd do this trade, but I don't think Boston would. Value on Schmidt seems down right now and DeBrusk is better then JV, so I just don't see Boston that interested in. However, if they are then definitely make this trade. We get another 1st round pick and a 24 year old winger that is definitely at least a 3rd line scorer and could even take another step and be a top 6. On top of the cap savings which would be great.
  12. Damn this is a great contract for Seattle. Does no good now, but wow imagine if we got to sign Larsson for this deal. Also very surprised he left Edmonton for that. Must have wanted a change.
  13. Well Boeser is better than Norris so that might actually be a trade they'd be willing to do. That 10th overall pick might be hard to get with it, but perhaps if we toss in a sweetener. I just don't see a reason to do it. Boeser is a great goal scorer and we saw that this year on a bad team. I don't think we're a contender next year, but I also don't think we're 5 years away anymore. I think the current core (Peaty, Hughes, Boeser, Horvat, Demko) need to be ready to compete in the next 2ish years. They seem to really like each other which I honestly think is an important factor and
  14. Calgary needs to make changes after a very bad season for a team that should have been a competitor. Schmidt (allegedly) wants out, so slightly a joke, but also... To Cal: - Schmidt To Van: - Tanev (Calgary retains 500k - 1mil) - 2021 (or 2022) 4th round pick Calgary gets an overall better two way, slightly younger Dman. Canucks get a defensive top 4 RD (who I have a feeling would be willing to waive that NTC ) and we move out Schmidt who feels this hasn't been a good fit.
  15. I like Gaudette and I'm still hoping he can be a solid 3 line center/winger for us. I swear though sometimes I feel like skating is his one of his weaker areas, but then a game like yesterday happens where he looked so much faster to me hahah. Seems like a great guy though and I hope he can take another step forward in his development during a tough season.
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