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  1. Still listed as LTIR in Cap friendly and is also UFA G6.
  2. I think there is a real good chance the Kraken / Canucks rivalry is equal to that between the Canucks / Flames and Canucks / Oilers rivalry's. They will be a big draw at Rogers Arena. Good for hockey fans and great for the owners too.
  3. I am well aware that you replied to another poster.... yours was a stupid reply. Enough said!
  4. Only in his dreams Lol. Besides; he either thinks he is still the president or he is a damn good grifter that continues to bilk the faithful.
  5. They are a long ways from the finished product. Watch out for what they are likely to do in free agency.
  6. If you had bothered to look at the date when I made that post you would have realized that Jasek had not decided to play in Europe at the time of the post. Further to that end; he is still Canucks property till at least the 26th of this month and if the Canucks qualify him, he will remain Canucks property. His contract in Finland is for one year and maybe he returns and maybe not.
  7. No offence to Big Mac but he is expendable. There are a lot of other players on teams around the league that are in the same situation... ie: he can easily be replaced
  8. I am not certain what rules apply to the expansion draft regarding fringe players / prospects that they have picked to flesh out the farm team. Perhaps @mll knows?
  9. A lot of CDC'ers on here are looking at the bigger picture and there are a lot of negative factors that will come into play with Jake's status on next years roster. Some of the more notable ones that come to mind are: 1) his cap hit of $2.55 mil next year before being eligible for arbitration rights vs Podkolzin at .925 mil and locked for in 3 years. 2) His less than desirable commitment to training, coming into camp in tip top shape and his lackadaisical performance, at times, when on the ice. 3) Add to that his off ice issues that have come to light even though they are as yet unproven in a
  10. LOL.. Did you twist the brass's arm or something... they have both him and Virt as wearing # 18 on the roster list.
  11. I am fully expecting Podkolzin to be the replacement for Virtanen. It may take him a bit to adapt to a new team, systems and living in Canada but I have very little doubt that it will happen. As for Virtanen; I will be very surprised if he is with the team on opening night be it due to buyout, termination, or packaged in a trade to some other team. IMO most likely he will be bought out.
  12. I do not expect any of them back now that Dickerson has arrived on the scene. Shame about Graovac; if the rumor is true, as he would have been a good call up when injuries strike.
  13. Other than last minute addition of Dickinson and subtraction of Lind; that is who I had pegged as being protected. It looks like the Kraken will have lots of established NHL players to choose from as well as goalies so my bet is on Lind or Gadjovich getting picked.
  14. It would be a tough pill to swallow but I do agree with you about that.
  15. The cost of hockey has gotten crazy over the last 30 years. In 1990 our local minor hockey association rented ice time over the Christmas Holidays (@ $32/hr) and a certified power skating coach (she was the wife of one of the Dr's in town) worked with a lot of the younger players (under 12) on the fundamentals of using your edges and your legs more efficiently. My son was playing defence and struggled to pivot or transition to skate backwards and the difference in just one week of an hour /day on the ice in his skating, was incredible. She had about 6 or 7 players on the ice for mo
  16. Bring back the pastry boy that signed with the Flames last year. He is a UFA again this year
  17. I agree that they will need to fill a lot of holes on the farm team but two things that come into play are the AHL rules and limitations for veteran players and also the financial cost to have them on the team. Players like Vesey, Michaelis, Boyd and Hawyrluk are significant hits on an AHL payroll; esp. if Eriksson is buried on the farm team as well. It is far more likely the Abby club will sign known players like Arseneau and Stevens and then dip into the AHL free agent pool for a lot of the others. IMO, Hawyrluk and Graovac are likely and Bailey will be qualified as well.
  18. I agree with that. I doubt very much that either Boyd or Vesey are back next year. The Canucks have a number of prospects playing in the AHL that have more potential upside.
  19. Of course; but Tampa has to retain 2 million of his salary and we trade Eriksson for him /s
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