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  1. Hey! This is Canucks CDC; you should know better than that by now Lol.
  2. I'm well aware of that but I do think his ceiling is much higher than that of a 4th liner and I also get the earning your minutes philosophy but I think Pod's development may be slowed by not getting enough minutes and reps. I am hoping that he shows enough to earn more minutes and all of this discussion becomes a mute point. Time will tell I guess.
  3. That is what I was getting at. Let's see how he is deployed over the next 5 games minimum before re-assessing where he is at in the grand scheme of things.
  4. If they only play him 7 or less minutes / game or healthy scratch him; IMO it would be better for his long term development to get a few games under his belt in Abby where he can hone his skills and come back to the big club as a dominant player that forces the likes of Dowling etc to the sidelines.
  5. I don't see that as much of an issue at all. The organization has 5 goalies between the two teams. If either Halak or Dem's get an injury that has one of them out for a few games, Dipietro would be the call up and Silovs and Martins become the tandem in Abby. The logistics for most of the games would be a short trip up or down the highway as the case may be. Similar situation applies in Abby if one of their goalies gets injured.
  6. I'm thinking that they will closely watch him over the next few games and make a decision on whether he is progressing enough to warrant staying on the big club or better served playing big minutes in Abby and refining his game there. In all fairness; this kid should be playing more than 7 minutes a game. If Green does not up his ice time over the road trip then maybe Abby for a short duration might be an option.
  7. Those fans that are blue collar workers would have used a different word for goofball but we can't say that on here.
  8. If he is able to anchor the 4th line center spot that would be a win IMO as there is no timetable for the return of Sutter. Noah Juulsen may or may not turn out as an NHL'er but could be a very effective minor leaguer.
  9. Come on DeNiro your better than that, If you take into account Boesser, Sutter, Motte and Hamonic not playing and Juolevi being traded you are realistically down to just one that might have been pegged for the AHL.
  10. I doubt he will be on the top line as a regular but can be used there if the situation calls for it.
  11. He would at least be a net front presence while and assuming that Brock is out. The Canucks have a lack of players that do that effectively. Both Petey and J.T. should have increased scoring success if Chiasson is taking away the goalies view.
  12. I felt that they could one day be good enough to play in the NHL but never considered them as being top prospects. I reserve that for players like Petterson, Boeser and Hughes. The jury is still out on how far they may progress in the coming years.
  13. Good post. I thought that JB was below average in most non draft dealings at the start of his tenure but has improved over time and as you mentioned: "JB seems to learn from his mistakes". His trades and signings have also improved and the reasons for JV and OJ not panning out are on them. JV was given every opportunity to succeed and OJ had plain bad luck with injuries at the start that certainly did not help his progression.
  14. They are taking turns between TG and JB. Some people always have something to bitch about in order to give their lives some meaning.
  15. I think the trade is a fair one and both Juulson and Juolevi needed a change of scenery.
  16. Move to Southern Cali. You might be able to go a full year without either rain or snow
  17. Give the kid time to adjust... The KHL wrecking ball is just finding his fit right now as he adapts to the NHL style of play. I'm more interested in how he progresses over the season.
  18. That's true and that is an unfortunate reality of how the leagues have set up the transfer rules. It is because of this that they wound up in the NHL instead of the AHL were they probably should have played.
  19. I just hope he is making hay when the season starts
  20. Everyone on here is just hamming it up lately
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