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  1. There’s going to be a riot when he gets dealt for a 3rd round pick and a no name 6th round prospect
  2. Anyone got a good link with a list of all the picks so far?
  3. What’s this guys contract situation? Getting mixed details searching myself
  4. Oh boy.. nothing against either of them but watching the d last year, it seems silly to give the same lineup another go.. it’s one thing if they’re stuck under contract but to re-sign the same d-core.. not a fan of this.
  5. Well they better start acquiring, I want all 32
  6. We should only consider trading for OEL if they can offer us this years first round draft picks.. yes picks.. every single first round pick this year.
  7. As long as Virtanen isn’t included im all for it, this guy put up 69 points only 11 years ago
  8. I think the answer is pretty obvious, entering the final year of his contract, we need to focus on an extension for Eriksson.
  9. The Abbotsford Stabbings has a nice ring
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