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  1. you coulda tagged me bro it's one clip. admittedly i havent watched him at all this season but what i saw out of him last season was a whole lotta brain farts in his own end. He gets lost sometimes. He gets turned around. He can be clunky going up against guys who know how to dance around him a bit. That was largely his issue when he first played with us and it's something i've yet to see him fix. So I stand by what I said. Edit: it's kinda funny how you're still salty over that lmao
  2. Anyone have any insight on what his demise has been the past few years? Seems he didnt even have that great a year when he won a cup. Did it have something to do with the style of hockey the Caps played in front of him? Is he slowing down? Will a decreased workload help him? He's only 31... Seems a bit early for him to fall off a cliff. What's the deal?
  3. Likely not. I believe Benning told Barry he could seek out a trade for Loui but told him he would not be including a pick or sweetener. There was a report on this a little while back.
  4. PSA: Come to terms with the fact that we are going to be getting rid of Virtanen this season and he will go on to have a 30 goal season. Be at peace with the fact that he didn't have the mental maturity to accomplish this in his hometown.
  5. ? sorry the joke didnt connect
  6. It's mainly because you've been an annoying lil thing the past week or so around here, insulting many people yourself, and i thought you should get a bit of your own medicine. hope you like the taste, big guy.
  7. This guy is either expert level troll or legitimately dumb. Either way I'm impressed.
  8. I wasn't saying there's anything wrong with it, bud. You're projecting.
  9. you have the biggest crush on jake. it's cute.
  10. you didnt really address anything i said i kinda just reiterated your thesis so idk what to say man. refer to what i said in the post you quoted for my response to this.
  11. Seems to be not that bad. Was cut by Myers' stick. If it was a serious cut we'd probably be hearing a lot more about it.
  12. Their goals per game is similar this year, boeser having the slight edge at 0.28 per game this year and jake at 0.26, but boeser's points per game is significantly better at 0.79, compare top jake's 0.52. You could point to brock having better linemates but i'd argue that's offset but the higher quality of competition brock plays agianst. I think most people would agree that brock brings far more playmaking ability than jake. i think even lately brock brings a lot more to the table than jake does. and as other have pointed out, brock had been playing with a lingering issue for a while it s
  13. Good thing he's scored a hell of a lot more in his career thus far
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